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Wonder Woman
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The Princess of her sacred ancient tribe of Amazons in the secluded land of Themyscira. Diana Prince is guided by the greek goddess Athena and uses her supernatural abilities to help the world from many supervillains (inlcuding her family's rival Ares). She's equipped with indestructible wristbands that can deflect bullets, she also uses a sword and shield to fight and even a special magical Lasso that makes the victims tell the truth.


[edit] Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe

After Superman defeats Darkseid and saves Earth. Womder Woman goes back to her home land of Themysicra. As the universal crisis begins she's informed by Batman about his recent fight with Scorpion. Then, Themyscira was attacked by Shang Tsung as Themyscira collides with his own island, she defeats the scorcerer and receives a call from Batman again, telling her that the Earth is collideing with another that occupies the same time and space. Womder Woman then ventures to Metropolis to find Superman, but when she got there, she encounters Kitana who has encountered their common enemy: Dark Kahn. Wonder Woman defeats Kitana and recevies another call from Batman telling Wonder Woman that Superman is not in Metropolis and the Fortress of Solitude has been attacked, Wonder Woman goes to the Fortress to protect it and in hopes find and save Superman. As she arrives at the Fortress, she encounters Sub-Zero and defeats him in battle, she also frees Superman from the ice Sub-Zero froze him in, and tells Superman about the new universal crisis. As Superman heads back to Metropolis, Wonder Woman takes Sub-Zero back to the UN Space Station. There she witnesses Captain Marvel fighting and seemingly finishing Green Lantern while under the influence of Kombat Rage. She defeats Captain Marvel and temperarily liberates him from the Kombat Rage. Then as she escorts Sub-Zero to his supposed cell, Jax infiltrates the Space Station and defeats Captain Marvel, while she blocks Jax's bullets from his Uzi, Jax manages to defeat her and free Sub-Zero. Sometime after, she returns to Themyscira where she encounters Scorpion (who she heard about from Batman), but was defeated by the specter. At the great battle, she was once again defeated. Then, she finds herself and the rest of the DC warriors on Darkseid's palace after the 2 universes separated.

[edit] Injustice: Gods Among Us

[edit] Real World

Wonder Woman fights for the side of the Justice League. She fights against the Injustice League that's attacking Metropolis alongside Superman, Captain Marvel, Green Lantern, The Flash and Aquaman. Then, as Batman warns the Justice League about a nuclear bomb in Metropolis, she was one of the Justice League members to be brought to the alternate world ruled by it's Superman. While venturing to the alternate world's Gotham City, she was attacked by Sinestro with the Green Lantern saving her. Then, as she and the rest of the Justice League were founded by the alternate world's Batman they venture to the Batcave where Batman needs their DNA to retrieve a laser weapon powered by Kryptonite to defeat Superman once and for all. Then, as they head to Stryker's Island to free the real world's Batman, she fights against the alternate world's Superman. Then, as the imperial enforcers attack Lex Luthor's laboratory, she fights and defeats Bane (with some help from the Batmen), she returns to Themyscira when the Alternate World's Ares brings her there, after defeating Ares she's shown what is happening, her alternate world's counterpart is rallying the Amazon army to help Superman's new war against mankind. Then, Raven comes in and fights Wonder Woman, after defeating Raven she encounters her alternate world counterpart and fights her. After defeating her counterpart, Wonder Woman tells her alternate world Amazon army to join her to fight against Superman's empire. As the real world's Superman is brought to the Alternate world, she and the amazons receive help from Superman and defeat the alternate world's Aquaman's atlantis army. She then imprisons her alternate world's counterpart.

[edit] Alternate World

As Superman kills The Joker and forms his global empire. Wonder Woman forms an alliance willingly with Superman. But, this is when Wonder Woman also sees the oppertunity to express her feelings for Superman now that he's single again. However, she holds back slightly as she knows that Superman would remain loyal to Lois Lane (even in death) by trying not to replace Lois. Nevertheless, Wonder Woman fights alongside Superman beliving that he's doing the right thing. She and Black Adam infiltrate the Batcave in hopes to end Batman's rebellion, but what they only accomplish in doing is destroy Batman's Kryptonite laser. She goes to a military base with Killer Frost to update Superman about the real world Justice League, but she and Killer Frost were defeated by Deathstroke. Then, as Superman decides to wage war on mankind, she rallies her amazon army to aid Superman in this new battle, but she was defeated by her real world counterpart who tells her army to fight against Superman's empire. Her real world counterpart takes her back to Themyscira for judgment after the end of Superman's empire.

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