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The Flash
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Home Realm:Unknown
First Appearence:D.C. Action Comics

The Flash was once a high school student named Wally West who was a biochemist. One day, when he was experimenting with dangerous chemicals, these chemicals than had an explosive reaction. It destroyed most of the school, but Wally survived miraculously. But he then soon discovered that his body can move 10 times faster than any normal human. Knowing that he must use his newfound powers for good, he calls himself "The Flash". Not a whole lot is known about the Flash, but his special abilities eventually granted him permission to be a part of the "Justice League" along with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern.


[edit] Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe

After Superman defeats Darkseid and saves the world, The Flash is given the job to investigate the stability of Metropolis. There, he encounters and fights with Deathstroke, after The Flash defeats Deathstroke he contacts Wonder Woman who tells him to head to Gotham City to aid Batman, he then feels the first effects of the Kombat Rage. Once he arrived in Gotham, he encounters Catwoman who is in possession of a strange jewel. The Flash tells Catwoman to hand over the jewel, but Catwoman refuses and they fight. After he defeats Catwoman, he meets Kano who attempts to steal the jewel, but Catwoman takes it from Kano. Under the influence of the Kombat Rage, he fights Kano and defeats him, as he attameps to kill Kano, Batman comes in and stops him. But The Flash still under the influence of the Kombat Rage fights and defeats Batman, but Batman tazzes The Flash and takes him back to the Batcave. There, The Flash proceeds to tell Batman why he was in Gotham City and what has made him go on his recent rampage, then a strange Yellow Aura surrounds him and was transported into the universe of Mortal Kombat where he encounters Liu Kang (believing The Flash to be Shang Tsung) and fights him but was defeated by the Shaolin Monk. The Flash was then taken back to the Wu-Shi Academy by Liu Kang as he tries to find out who The Flash really is. But The Flash's exposure to the Kombat Rage has made Liu Kang the next victim of the energy. The Flash remains unconscious at the Wu-Shi Academy until he was discovered by Jax and was taken to the Outerworld Investigation Agency and imprisoned. He remained at the O.I.A. until Catwoman and Lex Luthor infiltrate the base. He defeats Catwoman and fights Luthor, but Luthor defeats him and thus liberating The Flash from the Kombat Rage. But The Flash would be defeated by the big battle against the MK warriors. But would meet up with the rest of the DC wariors in Darkseid's palace after the 2 universes separated.

[edit] Injustice: Gods Among Us

[edit] Real World

The Flash was in Metropolis preventing the attack on the city. But as Batman discovers that a Nuclear bomb is in Metropolis and being activated by The Joker, Green Lantern tells him to not wait for the rest of the Justice League and go to the bomb before The Joker detonates it. But as The Joker is about to detonate the bomb, most of the members of the Justice League were transported mysteriously to an alternate world where Superman is a leader of his own empire. The Flash along with Superman and Cyborg try to find the rest of the Justice League members. Then, they found out that they went to a world almost parallel to their own. They decide to use a teleport device powered by The Flash's powers. He powers the device but only transport Cyborg.

[edit] Alternate World

After Superman kills The Joker for tricking him to kill Lois Lane and destroy Metropolis in the process. He goes on to conquer the world and form his own empire. The Flash along with Captain Marvel were told by Superman to join him. Out of fear, both The Flash and Captain Marvel decide to join Superman's empire as both diplomats and enforcers. He and Captain Marvel venture to their world's Atlantis (the first surface dwellers to venture to Atlantis) where they meet the real world's Aquaman (believing to be their own world's Aquaman), but when Aquaman finds out that Superman's empire is wanting to conquer Atlantis through diplomacy, he refuses to this agreement and fights both The Flash and Captain Marvel, defeating them. Both The Flash and Captain Marvel then head to the Watch Tower. They talk about how Superman is going to execute the real world's Batman is just a way to lure their world's Batman into a deathtrap. But they don't know that their world's Deathstroke and the real world's Cyborg have infiltrated the Watch Tower where they both were defeated by Deathstroke. But as they realize that Deathstroke has caused the reactor core of the Watch Tower to go critical, but both The Flash and Captain Marvel escape before the Watch Tower exploded. After Superman kills their world's Lex Luthor, and decides to wage war on mankind Captain Marvel tries to reason with Superman, but is killed for insubordination. This upsets The Flash and treies to talk to Yellow Lantern about what Captain Marvel was trying to say to Superman and decides to defect from Superman's empire, he defeats Yellow Lantern and defects. While trying to tell his world's Batman about what Superman is going to do, he sees a Yellow glow off in the distance, it's Sinestro rallying Superman's army to prepair them for Superman's new war. But The Flash disarms all of the soldiers and fights and defeats Sinestro. When he reaches Luthor's underground lab, he encounters the real world's Green Arrow who believes that The Flash is going to kill him but The Flash defeats Green Arrow and convinces him that he has offically defected from Superman's Empire and wants to speak to his world's Batman and warns him about Superman's war on mankind. As the real world's Superman ends the alternate world's Superman's empire. The Flash willingly goes to prison with a light sense that he has done something good.

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