Test Your Might

Test Your Might is mini-game featured in Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and Mortal Kombat (2011 game). The player gets to break various objects. Objects includes wood, brick, metal, ruby and diamond and various other things.


[edit] Games

[edit] Mortal Kombat

In the original Mortal Kombat game, a Test Your Might mini-game would pop up after every few matches. All attacks buttons must be rapidly pressed to fill up the meter. The block button is pressed to after the meter is high enough and the object would be broke at the hands of the player's character. Your character would break wood first than stone than steel (and only if you are playing a 2-player game) ruby and diamond.

[edit] Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

In Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, Test Your Might works very much the same way it did in the original game. As with before, it would occur every few matches, although this time, the player can set after how many matches this mini-game could occur. As the levels go on, each object becomes harder to break.

[edit] Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks

In Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, Test Your Might works differently than before. It occurs during boss fights to overpower the boss. For example, when you dodge Scorpion's spear, you can grab his spear and pull him back to you with a Test Your Might mini-game. The same can also be done when Goro grabs you and starts to do his chest pound. The Test Your might is used to escape his chest pound. You still press all the attacks buttons to build up the meter, as with before.

[edit] Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

In Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, some levels in the game will have breakable boundaries, and once broken the new feature is activated. The most common example of Test Your Might is one character knocking another into a brick wall. Once triggered, the attacking character will knock their opponent through the wall and keep pushing them through layer and layer of wall. A meter will appear at the top of the screen in the center, this represents the ammount of Force/Resistance is being put into the test. Both players will be required to press as many buttons as possible (or simply "Button Bash") within the time it takes to finish the test. Bashing buttons will slide the marker in the middle of the bar either left or right, depending on who is more successful in their button bashing. The attacker has to try and get the marker to move in their opposite direction, which will result in more damage (%) to their opponent, whereas the defender will be doing the same to reduce the ammount of damage dealt. Once the event is finished, the defender will be flung into the center of the stage as damage is calculated, the average damage dealt during Test Your Might is around 12 to 17 percent damage.

[edit] Mortal Kombat (2011)

In Mortal Kombat (2011), Test Your Might returns with it's original purpose found in the original Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. This time, it can be selected as a separate mode. In that mode you can select different modes, which are unlocked after beating them in Challenge Tower. In Challenge Tower, all levels of Test Your Might occur as certain missions. in the Test Your Might mode, there is a 16 floor ladder you can climb to break 16 materials of a certin hardness. There are 4 segments for each of the 4 floors, the first segment has wooden materials, the second has rock materials, the third is metallic materials and the fourth is gem-like materials.

[edit] Floors (MK 2011)

[edit] Floor 1:Pine Boards

  • Might Meter Barrier: 25%

This is a nostalgic floor as it has several boards of pine wood which you must break.

  • Note:This floor is the only initially playable floor, all others must be unlocked in the Challenge Tower mode.

[edit] Floor 2:Teak

  • Might Meter Barrier: 28%

This is a little more harder than pine. Teak wood is usually made for antique tables. But it does not take much to break this wood.

[edit] Floor 3:Oak

  • Might Meter Barrier: 31%

Here, you will have to break a huge log of Oak wood. Though more difficult to nreak it, but it can be broken easily by a well seasoned Kombatant.

[edit] Floor 4:Bamboo

  • Might Meter Barrier: 34%

The hardest of the wood segment. You will have to break a roll of Bamboo sticks, which is somewhat difficult to do.

[edit] Floor 5:Head

  • Might Meter Barrier: 50%

On this floor, you have to break through a genuine human head. Considerably harder than the wooden objects. But can be quite easy with some practice.

[edit] Floor 6:Coal

  • Might Meter Barrier: 53%

On this floor, you must break through a mound of coal, harder than the head and it could take a few tries to break it.

[edit] Floor 7:Brick

  • Might Meter Barrier: 56%

You will have to break a stack of masonry bricks. It can very diffcult to break through this easily.

[edit] Floor 8:Marbel

  • Might Meter Barrier: 60%

On this floor, you must break a nice dragon statue made out of marbel. It is the hardest of the stone materials in this segment

[edit] Floor 9:Silver

  • Might Meter Barrier: 75%

The first of the metallic materials. Here you must break 2 thick bars of silver. It can be quite difficult to break them just one time.

[edit] Floor 10: Gold

  • Might Meter Barrier: 78%

Here you must break a Dragon statue made out of gold. More difficult than Silver and can take a few tries.

[edit] Floor 11: Iron

  • Might Meter Barrier: 81%

You must break through another antique, this time it is made out of Iron. Very difficult to break. It also looks like the Avil from the first Mortal Kombat.

[edit] Floor 12: Titanium

  • Might Meter Barrier: 85%

The hardest of the metalic materials, a shield made of titanium. It will take a few tries in order to break it.

[edit] Floor 13: Amber

  • Might Meter Barrier: 90%

Here, you must break through Amber, which is fossilized sap from a tree (with a Mosquito inside which is a reference to the movie Jurassic Park). It is quite difficult to break this and it may take a few tries.

[edit] Floor 14: Pearl

  • Might Meter Barrier: 93%

This looks like it came from a giant oyster, but it is quite difficult to break it in one try.

[edit] Floor 15: Sapphire

  • Might Meter Barrier: 98%

There are 2 big blocks of the gorgeous material which are very hard to break.

[edit] Floor 16: Diamond

  • Might Meter Barrier: 100%

This looks like the head from Floor 5, but it is made of a very hard Diamond. Only the best kombatant can break this without any trouble.

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