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Home Realm:Unknown
First Appearence:D.C. Action Comics

The supreme leader of a distant planet named Krypton, Jor-El discovers that his planet is about to be destroyed by some unknown force, he makes a last ditch effort to place is infant child Kal-El into a spaceship just before Krypton was destroyed. For many years Kal-El drifted in outer space until finally his spaceship landed on Earth, on a farm in Kansas. Home of the Kents, Throughout his life, Kal-El, now known as Clark Kent discovers his powers. Being able to run faster than any human, flying in the air, using his breath to either blow things around or freeze things, even shoots beams of heat from his eyes.

After he graduated from school, Clark went to Metropolis to become a reporter for the news paper company, The Daily Planet. There he met the woman named Lois Lane and a man named Jimmy Olsen. Of course, he is Clark Kent normally, but when there is something bad happening, he is the hero called Superman. Most disasters at first were easy, then villains began to emerge. First, it was the power hungry millionaire named Lex Luthor, then it was other villains like, Brainiac, Parasite, Bizzaro and Darkseid. But, it was the villain named Doomsday that killed Superman off in combat. However, the remaining powers of his native planet brought him back.


[edit] Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe

Note: The story of the game is not determined by Midway As Superman and the other heroes known as the "Justice League" were defending the Earth from a force known as the parademons that come from a distant planet called "Apokolips" led by their leader named Darkseid, he fights the leader himself and when Darkseid tries to escape in a dimensional boomtube, Superman uses his heat vision to stop Darkseid. Then, he encounters Lex Luthor who was suspected of leading Darkseid to Earth and takes him to the prison on the U.N. Space Station. Then, Superman discovers a massive fluxuation of his powers, so he heads back to the Fortress of Soltiude to investigate on what is going on. Then, he faced Sub-Zero who defeats him easily and encased him in ice. However Sub-Zero was then defeated by Wonder Woman who freed Superman from his icy stasus. Knowing that the Earth is in more danger than his powers, Superman returns to Metropolis, where he faced Scorpion who was looking for Kitana, by using his X-Ray vision, Superman realizes that Scorpion is not human, and he also discovers Scorpion's magical nature, because of this Superman loses to Scorpion. Superman than met up with Captain Marvel, Luthor and his own members Catwoman and The Joker. Due to the circumstances surrounding their situation, Superman had no other choice but to trust his arch-nemesis. Then, he returns to the Fortress of Solitude alongside the Green Lanternas he meets Liu Kang and Shang Tsung, Superman fights Shang Tsung, and again because Shang Tsung's basis in magic he was defeated by the scorcerer. He then, rounds up the Green Lantern and other members of the Justice League along with Luthor and his cronies use Jax's teleportation device to head to Apokolips (which at this point is being torn apart due to the merging of the 2 universes), they meet up with the Mortal Kombat fighters, and their leader Raiden challenges Superman and his heroes and villians to a fight, then as a being named Dark Kahn appears, they are filled with the Kombat Rage and fight among themselves. As the rest of the heroes and villians fight the warriors of Mortal Kombat, Superman meets up with Luthor again and suspects that Luthor is trying to eliminate the Justice League, this enrages Luthor who fights Superman who wins the fight. Then, Superman is filled with rage, and fights Batman who knows all too ell about the effects of the rage and tries to save Superman from it, but loses and just as Batman was going to be finished by Superman, the rage dissapates from Superman, who realizes that the only way to stop the rage is to defeat Dark Kahn, but he first fights Raiden, but who wins and who loses this fight is still undetermined, but both Raiden and Superman realize that they are both after the same thing and join forces to defeat Dark Kahn. After Dark Kahn was defeated, Superman and the rest of the DC Universe heroes and villians are in Darkseid's throne room. Then, they discover Shao Kahn who is weakened from his defeat, and Superman sends Kahn to the Phantom Zone.

[edit] Injustice: Gods Among Us

[edit] Real World

Superman and his fellow Justice League Members were fighting many super villains such as Killer Frost, Black Adam and Doomsday in Metropolis while the rest of the league led by Batman were fighting Lex Luthor, Catwoman and Bane. Then as The Joker and Harley Quinn were arming a Nuclear bomb to destroy the city, the rest of the Justice League raced to stop the Joker, but as The Joker was about to press the detonator he, Batman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Green Arrow were sent to an Alternate world (which is oppressed by it's Superman). The real world Superman along with The Flash and Cyborg try to find the rest of the Justice League. Then, they decide to use a special teleportation device which can be powered by The Flash's speed. But it only teleported Cyborg into the alternate world. Then as the war between the Alternate Superman's empire and the Alternate Batman's rebels escalate, the 2 Batmen fight against each other with the real Batman winning, convincing the Alternate Batman to teleport the real Superman into the Alternate world where he fights in the battle in the Alternate world's Gotham City where he fights the Alternate Black Adam and then goes to the Alternate world's Metropolis where he fights the Alternate Aquaman, then he was attacked the Alternate Doomsday and they went into the Fortress of Solitude where Superman defeats Doomsday. He then encounters the Alternate Superman, he fighhts and defeats his evil doppelganger. Then, he helps the Alternate Batman imprison the Alternate Superman.

[edit] Alternate World

While in a fight to protect Metropolis from a potential nuclear disaster, Superman supposedly confronted Doomsday. But it was then determined that he was actually fighting against his wife Lois Lane while Superman was under the influence of some kind of drug that The Joker infused Superman with, plus Lois had next to her heart is a detonator to the Nuclear bomb which is triggered by vital signs, once Lois died the detonator activated and the Nuclear bomb went off in Metropolis, thus the city was destroyed. While Batman was interrogating The Joker, Superman breaks in and wants revenge for what The Joker did to him. Out of retribution, Superman kills The Joker. Corrupted by this deed Superman begins to conquer the world. He begins by betraying Batman: Explaining that Batman and Bruce Wayne are one and the same, holding him responsible for the destruction of Metropolis and making Batman an enemy of Superman's "One Earth" government. Superman has appointed several of his fellow Justice League members into his enforcement army including Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Cyborg, Raven, Captain Marvel, The Flash, Sinestro Hawkgirl as well as rehabilitating several villains such as Killer Frost, Solomon Grundy, Bane and Doomsday. Then as his world's Batman teleported the real world Justice League over to this alternate world and help Batman's rebel forces. Then as the real world Batman was defeated by The Joker, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl imprison him on Stryker's Island where the alternate world Superman sees him, but realizes that it really is not the Batman he is looking for. He then addresses to the world on what will happen on Stryker's Island in an attempt to lure the alternate world Batman and the real world Justice League to the site so he and his imperial forces can eliminate them. But the alternate world Batman along with Green Arrow freed the real world Batman as Superman was fighting the real world Justice League. Then, he senses that there was great disturbance at the Watch Tower and tries to go to investigate, but the Watch Tower explodes before Superman arrives. From orbit he hears Lex Luthor yelling to him, Superman then returns to the Hall of Justice and fights against Luthor. Superman kills Luthor, then he hears the voices of many people against Superman's rule. In the Fortress of Solitude, he decides to wage war on mankind for their ungratefulness in Superman's power. Captain Marvel tries to reason with Superman that what he is doing is wrong, but Superman kills Captain Marvel for his insubordination. As Superman wages war on the world he helped to create, Batman teleports the real world Superman to help Batman's cause. Superman then meets the real world Superman in the Fortress of Solitude, he was defeated by the real world Superman and was imprisoned by Batman inside a special cell that mimics the energy generated by Red Dwarfs which stunts Superman's powers.

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