MKX Kuai Liang A.png
First Appearence:Mortal Kombat 2
Status:Lin Kuei Grandmaster
Fighting Styles:Shotokan, Dragon
Weapon:Kori Blade


[edit] Story

[edit] Pre Mortal Kombat

The 2 brothers Bi-Han and Kuai Liang were born of a father from Outworld and a mother from Earthrealm (an American woman). Their father was a part of a race known as Cryomancers (now an extinct race) which can harness the element of cold and utilize it to freeze any object on contact. After their father died and their mother moved to China, they were taken by the mysterious assassin clan known as the "Lin Kuei". Both Bi-Han and Kuai Liang would be given extensive martial arts training. But it would be Bi-Han that would complete his training before Kuai Liang. As Bi-Han was given an assignment from the Netherealm scorcerer Quan Chi to retrieve the Sacred Amulet. Kuai Liang continued his training. Bi-Han would take up the code name "Sub-Zero" and retrieve the Sacred Amulet for Quan Chi and would also eliminate a rival ninja clan known as the Shirai-Ryu (along with their known assassin Hanzo Hasashi, later to be known as Scorpion). As Bi-Han competed in the 10th generation Mortal Kombat tournament with the assignment to assassinate the grandmaster of the tournament Shang Tsung. But was met by Scorpion and was killed in battle. the Shaolin Monk Liu Kang would defeat the grandmaster and emerge as champion. Upon hearing about his brother's death, Kuai Liang vowed revenge against Scorpion by taking his brother's code name and to venture to Outworld secretly following the other Earthrealm warriors.

[edit] Mortal Kombat 2

As Kuai Liang ventures to Outworld ad discovers about another Mortal Kombat tournament, he decides to compete in the tournament originated by the Emperor Shao Kahn. He vows revenge on Scorpion who killed his brother in the previous tournament. Meanwhile Kuai Liang's partner (code named Smoke) decides to stay in the shadows to prevent the Earthrealm warriors and even Shao kahn to be suspicious. Then, Scorpion reappeared upon hearing that Sub-Zero survived the tournament. He met up with one of the Earthrealm warriors named Kung Lao and defeated him (not before the brim of Kung lao's hat has left him facially scarred). But since Kuai Liang was a more of an honorable fighter than his brother, he could not bring himself to eliminate his opponent. This was witnessed by Scorpion, who realized that this is Bi-Han's brother Kuai Liang. Though Sub-Zero would not know why Scorpion spared his life, but both warriors along with Smoke would secretly aid the Earthrealm warriors in their effort to defeat Shao Kahn's forces and eventually Kahn himself as they helped Liu Kang defeat the evil Emperor. With the defeat of Kahn, Scorpion bids his farewell to Sub-Zero and leaves him (for now), Sub-Zero and Smoke venture back to Earthrealm and report back to the Lin Kuei. But as they returned, they discover that the assassin clan are killing their fellow assssins and turning them into cyborgs. Knowing that this is an inhumane act, both assassins refuse to part-take in this new program and try to escape, but because the Lin Kuei does not tolerate explusion they were hunted down and marked for death. Then, a group of cybernetic assassins fought both Sub-Zero and Smoke, while Sub-Zero manage to defeat the cyborg assassins and escape Smoke was defeated and brought back to the Lin Kuei to be turned into a cybernetic assassin himself. But what Sub-Zero will soon realize that he has to relieve himself from the guilt from the loss of his partner especially that Shao Kahn will break the Sacred rules of Mortal Kombat and invade Earthrealm.

[edit] Mortal Kombat 3

As Kahn invades Earthrealm, Sub-Zero was brought into action once again (this time as a lone assassin who now had a face). His soul was spared from Kahn's magic because he was chosen to represent Earthrealm in a last stand for Earthrealm. Sub-Zero has helped greatly fighting alongside the Earthrealm warriors however he was still aware that there are several cyborg assassins by the Lin Kuei Sektor and Cyrax, but would fight against a cybernized Smoke, though defeated Sub-Zero tried to convince that Smoke still does have a good soul inside him and the soul of Smoke had the power to re-program his own memory banks. Reunited with his partner Sub-Zero fought both Sektor and Cyrax with Sub-Zero re-programming Cyrax's memory banks and giving Cyrax new orders: Eliminate Shao Kahn as Cyrax would infultrate Kahn's palace undetected as Cyrax had no soul. Unfortunately Cyrax would fail and run away (he would be later discovered in the desert). Before the climax of the events of the Earthrealm invasion, both rogue assassins would fight what was left of Shao Kahn's decimated army, but Smoke would be defeated and captured as Sub-Zero was victorious. As Liu Kang would defeat Kahn himself once again and bring an end to Kahn's invasion of Earthrealm, Sub-Zero knew that there was only one thing left to do, run and go into hiding. He will not be seen for a long time.

[edit] Mortal Kombat 4

Sub-Zero has traveled abroad in the year following Kahn's invasion of Earthrealm, he honed his martial arts skills and he even came to the ruins of Shang Tsung's island and managed to find the Lin Kuei assassin uniform worn by his brother Bi-Han. But as word was out that the Netherealm scorcerer Quan Chi had released the fallen Elder God Shinnok, he was called by the thunder god Raiden to aid the Earthrealm warriors once again. Though Sub-Zero did agree to help, but he discovers that he must be wary of Scorpion who was told by Quan Chi that Sub-Zero eliminated not only his clan but his family as well. At the climax of the events (when Liu Kang challenged Shinnok to Mortal Kombat) Sub-Zero faced Scorpion. But despite Sub-Zero's new skills, he was defeated by the spectre. But as he layed defeated, Sub-Zero said that his brother *was* clearly responsible for the murder of his clan, but not his family, but Scorpion did not believe a word he just said and as he was about to kill the lone assassin, Quan Chi appaeared and showed his true colors to Scorpion as *he* was responsible for the slewing of his family. Then, Scorpion charged at the scorcerer and sent him to the Netherealm and spent several years chasing the scorcerer down. Then, Sub-Zero would return to seclusion for several years and evading his assassi clan, the Lin Kuei.

[edit] Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

In the years following the events of Shinnok, Sub-Zero spent several years trying to elude his former clan, the Lin Kuei. Unfortunately, he was eventually discovered by the clan led by Sektor. This is when Sub-Zero challenged Sektor to Mortal Kombat, with Sub-Zero declaring victory. With this, Sub-Zero was not only welcomed back to the clan, but was named the clan's new grandmaster. As being new grandmaster, Sub-Zero re-established the Lin Kuei headquarters in the artic to help maintain the secrecy of the clan. There, he trained many assassins including one known as Frost who would be Sub-Zero's apprentice. As Liu Kang was defeated and killed by the Deadly Alliance, he receives word from Raiden that the relinquishes his status as Elder God to aid the rest of the Earthrealm warriors against the Deadly Alliance. But as Sub-Zero, Frost and the rest of the Earthrealm warriors in Outworld, Frost has stolen Sub-Zero's dragon medallion (which gave Sub-Zero enhanced powers and abilities). As Sub-Zero found Frost, she was seemingly dead as she could not control the powers of the medallion. Meanwhile, the Deadly Alliance managed to defeat and kill the rest of the Earthrealm warriors and eventually turned on each other and then tried to stop Onaga with Raiden's help, then raiden sacrificed himself in an effort to eliminate Onaga once and for all, but to no avail.

[edit] Mortal Kombat: Deception

As Sub-Zero buried Frost, he ventured deep into Outworld. He would discover something about himself, his brother Bi-Han and even Frost. They were a part of a now extinct race known as Cryomancers. He then found an old suit of Cryomancer armor and decided to don it. Then, he decides to return to Earthrealm in hopes to rendezvous to Raiden and the rest of the Earthrealm warriors, Sub-Zero hopes that they were victorious in not only defending their realm but avenge the death of Liu Kang. As he reaches The Living Forest, he was attacked by a Tarkatan horde led by their new leader Hotaru. After defeating the Tarkatans, he finds a warrior named Kenshi who was near-death Sub-Zero decides to nurse him back to health, while nursing Kenshi the warrior informed Sub-Zero about the fate of Raiden and the Earthrealm warriors and their deaths at the hands of the Deadly Alliance. As both Sub-Zero and Kenshi venture to return to Earthrealm, they were both attacked by Hotaru himself, the fight left Sub-Zero blind but Kenshi managed to defeat Hotaru and helped with Sub-Zero's temperary blindness. During their travels, both Sub-Zero and Kenshi encountered a warrior named Shujinko who was looking for the ancient weapon knwon as the Kamidogu. Then, Kenshi decides to venture with Shujinko to help him defeat Onaga, with that Sub-Zero returns to Outworld. There he met with lone assassin Sareena, she knew Sub-Zero because he is the younger brother of Bi-Han. Together he venture to Shao Kahn's palace where they found Elder Sub-Zero/Noob Saibot and Smoke (who are now Noob-Smoke) they venture back to the Netherealm, Sub-Zero tells Sareena to return to the Lin Kuei temple until he returned while he was going after Noob-Smoke. But the duo managed to find Sub-Zero. The 3 warrors fought with Noob Saibot and Smoke about to kill Sub-Zero, but Sareena came in and stopped them and then disappearing. Sub-Zero then regained consciousness and then vanture to return to the Lin Kuei headquarters. But as he returned, many of his fellow warriors have been slewed by a resurrected Frost now fueled by revenge against Sub-Zero. But Sub-Zero defeated Frost and sealed her in ice and placed her in the Lin Kuei temple in hopes to one day punish her for her atrocities.

[edit] Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

Several weeks later, Sub-Zero would soon have to fend off a direct attack from a half human/god warrior named Taven (as he was awakened in hopes to stop Armageddon). As Taven ventured deep in the Lin Kuei temple, he discovers the battle armor that his mother left him, but Sub-Zero faces Taven for not only intruding the temple and killing his fellow warriors, but also accidently releasing Frost from her icy stasus but he would lose to Taven. Then, Sub-Zero noticed the tattoo on Taven's face, which was the same as on the door which Sub-Zero allowed Taven to open and don the armor. Then, the Lin Kuei temple was intruded again this time it was from both Noob Saibot and Smoke, who captured several Lin Kuei warriors and cybernized them. Taven helped Sub-Zero liberate the temple and eventually defeated both Noob Saibot and Smoke. With Taven helping Sub-Zero liberate the Lin Kuei temple, Sub-Zero gave Taven information regarding to the precise location of the Red Dragon headquarters. Before the events of Armageddon unfolds, Sub-Zero soon discovered that Noob Saibot was his long dead brother Bi-Han and even tried to cleanse his soul of the crimes he committed in his living form (it is unknown if he was successful). He then faced Scorpion again during the events of Armageddon. It would be Taven who would defeat the fire being Blaze and was granted the power of the Elder Gods.

[edit] Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe

Note: The story of this game is not considered cannon.

As Shao Kahn was defeated by the Earthrealm warriors and Raiden successfully defeated Kahn himself. All of the realms were at realative peace. But what Sub-Zero soon realized within days of the invasion by Kahn, many of his fellow Lin Kuei warriors have mysteriously disappeared, in the graveyard he has encountered Liu Kang and tried to surprise him by throwing a blast of ice to him, but the Lin Kuei warrior was defeated by the Shaolin Monk. As Sub-Zero stood up he susspected that Liu Kang was responsible for the disappearence of the Lin Kuei warriors, but Liu Kang truthfully denies this as he tells Sub-Zero that he is facing a similar crisis of his own Shaolin Temples is also suffering disappearences as well, it quickly dawned on both Liu Kang and Sub-Zero that they are after the same thing (or the same person). Then, Scorpion appears and tries to spear Liu kang who blocks the incoming attack. Liu Kang tells Sub-Zero to leave as he will fight Scorpion. Sub-Zero leaves and then returns to the Lin Kuei temple. But what he will soon realize that the Temple is about to merge with a strange place consisting of crystals known as the Fortress of Solitude. Sub-Zero was sent to investigate the Fortress and find anything incriminating. Then, he was attacked by Superman, though the man of steel would have Sub-Zero pinned down, but Sub-Zero would gain the upper hand and defeat the hero and before Superman would fall to the ground Sub-Zero uses his special freeze power to seal Superman in ice. Then, Sub-Zero was discovered by Wonder Woman who was searching for Superman, Wonder Woman tells Sub-Zero to surrender, but Sub-Zero refuses and fights the Queen of Adventure who defeats him and wraps him in her Lasso of Truth and then frees Superman from his icy stasus. After Superman leaves for Metropolis, Wonder Woman asks Sub-Zero who is behind the invasion in their universe and Sub-Zero said that *they* were the invaders of his own universe, then as Womder Woman receives a distress call from the Green Lantern to come to the U.N. Space Station she takes Sub-Zero with her. There Sub-Zero witnesses the fight between Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel who was under the influence of an energy force known as Kombat Rage, as Wonder Woman defest Captain Marvel and wrapps him in her Lasso of Truth, Sub-Zero tells Wonder Woman that she should have "finished him" but Wonder Woman decrees that they do not kill in their universe. As Sub-Zero was being escorted to the prison level of the U.N. Space Station by Wonder Woman, they were discovered by Jax. Sub-Zero warns Wonder Woman about Jax, but despite this Jax defeats the Queen of Adventure and talks to Sub-Zero, and with permission from Sonya Blade frees Sub-Zero. Jax asks Sub-Zero about the DC heroes with Sub-Zero having no definate answer for him, now Sub-Zero has to find Quan Chi in order to reveal answers to this new crisis. He ventures to Raiden's Sky Temple where a resiliant Raiden confronts him, despite Sub-Zero's pleas for assistance Raiden challenges Sub-Zero, with Sub-Zero winning. As Raiden recovers he tells Sub-Zero that he still carries the corruption his brother helped cause. But Sub-Zero insisted that Raiden should help him as Raiden helped his brother in the Mortal Kombat tournament for the same reason, for the sake of Earthrealm. Raiden then takes Sub-Zero to the Rock of Eternity, there Raiden tells Sub-Zero that Earthrealm is not only merging with another realm, but an entire universe, Sub-Zero then said that Quan Chi forsaw this crisis and told him about his fight with Superman, Raiden then told Sub-Zero the reason he was able to defeat Superman is that his powers were drained from him and redistributed to others, Raiden then said to Sub-Zero that if he searches for scorpion he will find Quan Chi and gave him a warning if he was to betray his trust. Sub-Zero then ventures to Gotham City where he can sense Scorpion's presence but was encountered by Deathstroke. Sub-Zero was resiliant to answer Deathstroke's questions fully, leading to a fight between them, but Sub-Zero defeats the assassin easily. As he defeats Deathstroke, he follows Scorpions trail which leads him to the Batcave, as Sub-Zero was wondering why Scorpion would be in a place like this, he was encountered by Batman who tried to defeat the warrior but failed, soon after Sub-Zero defeated Batman, a portal appears in front of him with Scorpion's spear pulling him in, beofre he knew it, he was in the Netherealm and in front of Quan Chi who was chained up by the Elder Gods, Scorpion then challenges Sub-Zero with Sub-Zero winning. Then, a yellow energy rift suddenly appears which allow Quan Chi to be free and tells both the warriors about the crisis and thet their universe is merging with another and sends Sub-Zero back to Earthrealm. As the other fighters try to avert this crisis, Sub-Zero returns to Raiden's Sky Temple, he tells him of his dillema which Raiden scolds Sub-Zero for. But as Quan Chi appears he tells the warriors about the merging and the only way to avert this crisis is that rivals must fight together. Sub-Zero would be paired with Scorpion as they head to the Wu-Shi Acadamy where they encounter Lex Luthor and Catwoman Sub-Zero would freeze their legs to the ground, but Luthor would nreak free and fights Sub-Zero and eventually Scorpion and won against both warriors. They head back to Raiden's Sky Temple and told their dillema to Raiden and after the DC heroes and villians use Jax's Technoportal, they head to Outworld. There they witness what will happen to Earthrealm if they do not stop the being Dark Kahn. As Raiden and his warrios challenge Superman and his heroes and villains Dark Kahn itself will appear and fill everybody present with the Kombat Rage. Sub-Zero once again fought Batman, but would lose to him this time around, and as both Raiden and Superman defeat Dark Kahn, the universes separated with a being named Darkseid appearing underneath the warriors. As darkseid failedto defeat the warriors, Raiden takes him to the Netherealm where he was punished by the Elder Gods.

[edit] Mortal Kombat R

This is Sub-Zero Cybernized

The 2 Sub-Zeros Bu-Han and Kuai Liang existonce again as Raiden time warps himself into the past to avert Armageddon. Bi-Han competes in the 10th Generation tournament along with fellow Lin Kuei warriors Cyrax and Sektor. Though, Bi-Han has fought well in the tournament, but as he fights Scorpion in the Netherealm, he was defeated but with Scorpion refusing to kill him as Raiden promises to revive Scorpion's own ninja clan if he spares Bi-Han's life, but as Quan Chi arrives, he reveals that Sub-Zero killed Scorpion's family, enraging Scorpion and killing Bi-Han. As the tournament was won by Shaolin Monk, Liu Kang. Outworld attacks Earthrealm, provoking the warriors to compete in Shao Kahn's own tournament. Bi-Han's brother, Kuai Liang along with his partner Smoke venture to Outworld, believing that Scorpion will be there, Kuai liang hopes to find Scorpion and defeat him to avenge his brother. As Smoke finds Shang Tsung, Sub-Zero searches for Scorpion. He ventures to the soul chamber where he discovers Sonya and Jax who have fought Ermac and helped them escape. Then, Sub-Zero reaches Kahn's fighting arena and demands Kahn that he fights Scorpion, but Shang Tsung says that nobody makes demands to Kahn, instead Sub-Zero fights Reptile and defeats him. Then, he fights Scorpion who knows that it is a different Sub-Zero, not the same but Kuai Liang defeats Scorpion and just as he was going to finish Scorpion the new cybernized Lin Kuei captures him and takes him back to the clan to be cybernized himself. During Kahn's invasion, the new "Cyber Sub-Zero" was given orders to aid in Kahn's invasion, he finds a revived Kabal and fights him, but loses to him and was brought back to the temple to be re-programed by Smoke. Sub-Zero then goes off to lead Sektor (who's also cybernized) on a false mission, but Sektor discovers this and fights him, but Sub-Zero wins and then goes to some kind of clock tower where several U.S. Soldiers were being held captive by Kano, Goro and Kintaro, Sub-Sero first fights Kano and then both Goro and Kintaro after defeating the 3 fighters, he freezes them and then frees the soldiers, then Ermac comes in and injures the soldiers, Sub-Zero defeats Ermac and heads to the cemetary where he sees Noob-Saibot and Quan Chi about to create what is called a "Soul-nado". Sub-Zero then fights Noob and quickly discovers that Noob is Bi-Han (Kuai Liang's dead brother) and wins against him. Then, Nightwolf comes in and fights Noob and Quan Chi and uses his own powers to destroy the Soul-nado. Then, as Raiden and Liu Kang go to speak with the Elder Gods, Sub-Zero senses that the Lin Kuei is coming, and the rest of the warriors fight against the cybernized clan. But they were not ready for what came next: Sindel who eliminated all of the Earthrealm warriors (including Sub-Zero). As Raiden ventures to the Netherealm, he notices Quan Chi readying his new warriors re-animated from the dead Earthrealm warriors one of them is Sub-Zero, though it is unclear if Raiden fought the re-animated Sub-Zero, but Raiden eventually defeats Shao Kahn with the help from the Elder Gods. But Quan Chi comes and tells to Shinnok that both Outworld and Earthrealm are ripe for the "real" invasion. Only time will tell when that invasion will come.

[edit] Pre Mortal Kombat X

Around 5 years after Shao Kahn's Invasion, Shinnok attacks Earthrealm with Scorpion and an undead Sub-Zero, he was defeated by Johnny Cage who would go on and help Raiden and Fujin imprison Shinnok in the Sacred Amulet. But after Shinnok's imprisonment, Kuai Liang along with Scorpion and Jax fight along with Quan Chi.As Qua Chi was defeated by Sonya, Johnny Cage was fatally stabbed by Jax, but Raiden reversed the undead process on Cage as well as Sub-Zero and Scorpion. Kuai Liang is once again whole and a human again. Kuai Liang then confronts Raiden and explains to him why he was restored. This is because he combined Quan Chi's powers with Raiden's own, and welcomes Kuai Laing back to the realm of mortals, though Kuai Laing is having a hard time redeeming himself dur to the bad deeds he committed when he was under the control of Quan Chi, because of this Raiden sends Kuai Laing on a mission to recover a sacred weapon called the Kamidogu, which is in the possession of a riminal clan known as the Red Dragon. Kuai Liang gets information that it's in a temple in China. But when he gets there, the weapon is already gone. He was then attacked from behind by Kano who used the Kamidogu to scar Kuai Liang on the right side of his face.But Kuai Liang was able to defeat the Mercenary and retrieve the weapon. Kuai Liang then goes on to try to defeat the cybernized Lin Kuei he does in places such as Indonesia and Japan, but kills many innocent people in the process.Kuai Liang then realized that he was under the influence of the Kamidogu.

[edit] Mortal Kombat X

Kuai Liang in Mortal Kombat X

Sometime after that. Kuai Liang sends a personal invitation to Scorpion (now Hanzo Hasashi) to put aside their differences and become allies. But unknowing to both ninjas, Lin Kuei member Frost comes and tries to assassinate Hanzo, making Hanzo think it's just a set up to kill him. But Kuai Liang decreed that the reputation of the Lin Kuei has been tainted long before the Cyber Initative. He even preceded to show Hanzo that the thruth is stored in Sektor's memory banks. It clearly states that it wasn't Kuai Liang's brother: Bi-Han who killed his family and clan, but Quan Chi who Hanzo unwillingly served as Scorpion.Hanzo agrees to make amends with Kuai Liang and the new Lin Kuei, but still on uneasy grounds.

Around five years later, the Lin Kuei were encountered by Cassie Cage and her special forces unit along with Hanzo's student Takahashi Takeda and Kung Jin. Though, Kuai Liang wasn't all fit to aid Cassie and her team, instead they fight against each other with the Lin Kuei winning. Then, it was discovered that Kuai Liang was on terms with Cassie's father: Johnny and the fight was a mere test of their skills and chemistry. Then, as the Jinsei was corrupted by Shinnok, the Special Forces were under stack by Kotal Kahn and his army. Kuai Liang and the Lin Kuei come to their aid and allowing them to proceed to Raiden's Sky Temple.

[edit] Injustice 2

Sub-Zero serves as the first guest character from Mortal Kombat within the game alongside Raiden.

[edit] Sub Zero's Special Moves:

  • Freeze Ball: Press Down, Forward, Cross (PS3) A (360)

A basic projectile attack that freezes the opponent on impact.

  • Icy Teleport: Press Down, Back, Cross (PS3) A (360)

Sub Zero falls backwards into a mound of ice and then appears next to his enemy.

  • Ice Slide: Press Back, Forward, Circle (PS3) B (360)

Sub Zero will slide a medium distance and attack the enemy's legs.

  • Ice Nugget: Press Down, Back, Triangle (PS3) Y (360)

Sub Zero will form a clump of ice above the enemy's head which will fall down on them.

  • Icy Kounter: Press Down, Back, Square (PS3) X (360)

If an enemy attacks Sub Zero during this move, he will vanish and strike down on the attacker.

[edit] Trivia

  • Sub-Zero is the only character to have appeared in every installment of the series in one way or another.
  • There's two Sub-Zeros. The first one is playable in the original Mortal Kombat (Named Bi-Han Liang). He then becomes Noob Saibot and his younger brother (Named Kuai Liang) becomes the new Sub-Zero as of Mortal Kombat II.
  • The Scar over his right eye was obtained from the rim of Kung Lao's hat during the 2nd tournament after the monk mistook him for an enemy.

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