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Sonya Blade
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Home Realm:Earthrealm
First Appearence:Mortal Kombat


[edit] Story

[edit] Pre Mortal Kombat

Sonya Blade is a Lieutenant of the United States Army Special Forces. She began her military career by teaming up with Major Jackson Briggs (or Jax) in his mission to bring down the international criminal organization the Black Dragon. On one of these missions, she and a good partner of hers ran ito one of the organizations' members named Kano. During a fight with Kano, he killed Sonya's partner, this would make Kano Sonya's bitter enemy and she will not rest until he is brought to justice by any means necessary. Sonya soon becomes a leader of her own unit that will be dedicated to the apprehention of Kano.

[edit] Mortal Kombat

As Sonya and her unit was tracking down Kano in Southeast Asia, they come across a mysterious force that subdued both, Kano and Sonya along with her unit and was taken to a mysterious island where they met with Shang Tsung the grandmaster of a deadly martial arts tournament known as Mortal Kombat. Shang Tsung told Sonya that he would promise to release Sonya's unit if she competes and wins his turnament, with no other option Sonya competes in Mortal Kombat. Unfortunately for Sonya and despite her performance in the tournament Shang Tsung had eliminated her unit. But as Shang Tsung was fighting Shaolin Monk Liu Kang Sonya along with Johnny Cage and even Kano fought the now disgraced Goro, the trio defeated the Shokan who mysteriously disappeared, as the island began to shake violently and destroying the environment around it the god of thunder Raiden tried to help the warriors escape, though Liu Kang, Johnny Cage and others managed to escape, Sonya along with her rival Kano were captured by a small Tarkatan horde and were taken to Outworld. Sonya would remain a captive along with Kano in Outworld for several months. Meanwhile, the special forces had agreed to refer Sonya to be dead. But her boss Jax refuses to believe this as she was not discovered to be dead and sent out to find her.

[edit] Mortal Kombat 2

In the months following the tournament Sonya and Kano were held captive by Shang Tsung and his master: The Emperor of Outworld Shao Kahn. During her captivity, she was able to send a distress signal to Jax, allowing him to realize that she is still alive. Jax along with Liu kang, Johnny Cage, Raiden and Kung Lao ventured to Outworld to face Shao Kahn's forces, she witnesses Jax's fighting skills as he faced numerous opponents. As Liu Kang and others faced Kahn himself Jax freed both Sonya and Kano (who was then arrested) but as they reached to the portal back to Earthrealm Kano breaks free and escapes from Sonya and Jax. But they will meet not only Kano again but Kahn as he will break the sacred rules of Mortal Kombat and invade Earthrealm.

[edit] Mortal Kombat 3

As Sonya and Jax reported back to their base in the United States they had writen a report about their ordeal in Outworld. Much to their dismay the U.S. Army high command did not find their information credible and was dismissed. Sonya went on to prepair for a possible invasion from Outworld as Jax went to participate in a top secret muscle teramulation program by the U.S. Military. Inevitably, Shao Kahn invades Earthrealm and uses powerful magic to drain the very souls of the inhabitants of Earthrealm, as Jax and Sonya eventually join with Liu Kang and others to fight against Kahn's invading army which entered Earthrealm in the western U.S., as they beat back Kahn's army in the west the Earthrealm warriors went back to the east to fight against Kahn himself, and as Liu Kang reached Kahn and fought him once again Sonya faced off with Kano, though Kano would have Sonya pinned down but she would eventually gained the upper hand and threw him off of a high rise building. As Liu kang once again defeats Shao Kahn and prevented the complete merging of Earthrealm with Outworld both Sonya and Jax pleaded their case with the U.S. military high command and was granted permission to begin their own special program which they would call "The Outerworld Investigation Agency". In the months following Kahn's invasion scientists around the U.S. have conducted studies and developed ways to open portals through technology rather than magic or other supernatural means.

[edit] Mortal Kombat 4

Sonya had spent the past several months apprehending the last of the Black Dragon organization as that organization was dissolving after the apparent death of Kano. The last known member Jarek was being persued by Sonya and eventually ventured to Edenia, but as they were to fight each other they both receive word from Raiden that he needs their help to fight against a fallen Elder God named Shinnok, Jarek agrees to join the Earthrealm warriors to help defend his realm from this mad god. As Shinnok was defeated by Liu Kang Sonya told Jarek that he was going to be brough to justice, but Jarek was resiliant and said that he was not going to give himself up so easily as Jarek charges toward Sonya he suddenly falls off of a cliff and to his death. Sonya then radios Jax and tells him that she will report back to their secret base.

[edit] Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Sonya, Jax and the rest of their agency had scene very little action following Shinnok's defeat. But several years later the scorcerer Quan Cchi who was responsible for releasing Shinnok from his banishment in the Netherealm teamed up with Shang Tsung and killed Shao Kahn and eventually Liu Kang. They receive word from Raiden that he has relinquish his status as Elder God to protect Earthrealm from the Deadly Alliance, during their fight they have to find their fellow agents who were Kenshi and Cyrax, as they find them they try to fight against the alliance unfortunately they were killed by the alliance themselves.

[edit] Mortal Kombat: Deception

As the Deadly Alliance was about to self destruct shortly after their victory over the Earthrealm warriors, the dragon king named Onaga appeared and the Deadly Alliance tried to eliminate him, Raiden eventaually joined them to try to eliminate the king then in a last ditch effort Raiden used all of his power to sacrifice himself to hopefully kill Onaga. But this killed off himself the Deadly Alliance and Onaga's invincible army. Eventually Onaga would find Quan Chi's sacred amulet and used its power to resurrect the Earthrealm warriors and make them do his bidding. Then, Raiden re-animated the body of Liu Kang which went on a killing rampage but the soul of Liu Kang remained in Outworld and recrutted a warrior named Ermac to help free the warriors from Onaga's bidding. Together, Liu Kang and Ermac freed the Earthrealm warriors from Onaga's magic (incluing Sonya). Sonya reported back to her secret base along with Jax.

[edit] Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

For some time, Sonya and her brand new unit were tracking down a cybernetic clan known as the Tekunin led by the former Lin Kuei cyborg assassin named Sektor, as the Tekunin was about to attack a place in Earthrealm. Unbeknownst to Sonya that a half human-god from Edenia named Taven was on the Tekunin's airship. As the Tekunin's airship was attacked and eventually destroyed she placed a tracking device on Taven which allowed her to chase Taven to the artic as she eventually caught up with him. After killing a monster in the artic she encounters Taven and asks him about the Tekunin's attack Taven said that he was not responsible for the attack and then Sonya asks him about his purpose but Taven could not answer her as it is supposed to be a secret, this angers Sonya and challenges Taven but would lose to him. Sonya then leaves and goes on to join the rest of the Earthrealm warriors to fight against evil in Armageddon. But it would be Taven that would defeat Blaze and receive the power of the Elder Gods. The effects of Taven gaining of the powers had on Sonya is unknown.

[edit] Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe

Note:The story of this game is not considered cannon.

As Shao Kahn attempted to merge Earthrealm with Outworld and then failed Raiden appears and banishes Kahn to an unknown realm. With the invasion over Sonya continued her persuit of her rival Kano though as she was about to capture Kano he escapes (not before Sonya tagged Kano with a tracking device which failed soon thereafter). She was then met with Kitana as she and Liu Kang began their invesitgation of the disapperence of their respective members, after giving Kitana the information about the Black Dragon, Kitana returns to outworld. Then, Sonya contacts Liu Kang and asks him about his search for Sub-Zero Liu Kang tells Sonya that the Lin Kuei are not responisble for the disappearence of the White Lotus members and tells her about his fight with a DC hero known as The Flash who he mistaken for Shang Tsung, a while later Sonya tries to contact Liu Kang once again but does not receive an answer for him, but with the agency's technoportal not owrking properly and Kitana's inability to immediately help, she has no other choice to go to the Wu-Shi Acadamy herself. Before she was able to leave she encounters Catwoman and challenges her as she intruded into the base, she defeats Catwoman easily and heads over to the Wu-Shi Acadamy, as she arrived there she develops a bad feeling from th uneasy desertedness of the acadamy, then Jax contacts her and asks her about Catwoman she then tells Jax about the disappearence of Liu Kang and tells him to head to the Wu-Shi Acadamy she was then encountered by Baraka and fights him. After she defeats Baraka she heads to Raiden's Sky Temple as she suspects that Shao Kahn may be returning, as she arrives at Raiden's Sky Temple she calls to Raiden for help but who appears before her was Captain Marvel who was heavily influenced by a massive energy known as "Kombat Rage" and fights Sonya because of it, despite Captain Marvel's superior stength and Kombat Rage Sonya defeats the DC hero, as she was to interrogate Captain Marvel another DC hero named Green Lantern comes to Captain Marvel's aid, as Captain Marvel warns Green Lantern about the Kombat Rage Sonya comes towards Green Lantern and fights him and defeats him, just as she was about to eliminate Green Lantern Captain Marvel saves him and they head back to the U.N. Space Station, Jax immediately arrives at Raiden's Sky Temple and tries to console Sonya who is the latest victim of the Kombat Rage and because of it mistakens Jax for Kano and fights Jax, but Jax manages to defeat her. Just as Jax defeats Sonya Raiden arrives with Liu Kang (who he just rescued from Batman at the U.N. Space Station), Raiden proceeds to tell Liu Kang, Sonya and Jax about the new threat to Earthrealm. Jax then tells Sonya to return to their base as they plan to destroy the U.N. Space Station through their technoportal, after Jax fixes the portal (and defeats Lex Luthor) they head to the Space Station. Due to the portal still not working properly, both Sonya and Jax separated, and as Jax fights Captain Marvel and eventually Wonder Woman she ventures through the space station to catch up with Jax, but as she finds Jax defeated by Green Lantern she fights with the DC hero again but would lose to him this time. As both Sonya and Jax recover they return to the base and Sonya portals to Raiden's Sky Temple, as Quan Chi and Kitana tell the warriors about an evil being named Dark Kahn and the origiation of Kombat Rage, Kitana then decreed that enemies must fight together to defeat the DC heroes and villains, Sonya teams up with Kano and they encounter Deathstroke and The Joker, as The Joker tried to blind Sonya with acid from his flower the acid damages her portal device on her wrist which sends them to OA. Proceeding with their mission, Sonya tells Kano that he can fight Deathstroke while she fights The Joker with The Joker surprisingly defeating her and would interrupt the fightbetween Kano and Deathstroke to fight Kano himself and defeats him as well, then Deathstroke fixes Sonya's wrist portal and they head back to the graveyard with The Joker turning on Deathstroke and defeats him. As both Sonya and Kano recover they head back to Raiden's Sky temple and tell Raiden how they failed and as Liu Kang and Shang Tsung return to the temple Kano is influenced by the Kombat Rage and fights Shang Tsung, as Shang Tsung defeats Kano Sonya stops Shang Tsung from killing him as they have to stop the DC heroes and villains, they venture to Outworld to witness first hand the coming destruction of their universe and meet up with the DC heroes and villains, as Dark Kahn appears they are influenced by the kombat Rage and fight the DC heroes and villains, Sonya would fight Catwoman again, but whether Sonya defeats her or not is unknown. As Raiden along with Superman defeat Dark Kahn, they suddenly appear in Shao Kahn's palace, as they discover Darkseid who tries to defeat the warriors but fails, Raiden then banishes Darkseid to the Netherealm where he was punished by the Elder Gods.

[edit] Mortal Kombat R

While on a mission to rescue her unit and her commanding officer, Jax. Sonya was forced to fight in Shang Tsung's tournament.At the beginning stages of the tournament, Sonya was being hit on by Johnny Cage, and after he sees him defeat Reptile, he asks her to be taken out for dinner, something she was disgusted by. During Cage's fight against [[Baraka}], she runs off to find Jax, she was then founded by Cage again and she fights him in order for him to leave her alone, but Cage defeats her. Nevertheless, Cage leaves her alone until Kano comes in and throws Cage off the bridge and then proceeds to torture her, then Cage climbs up to save Sonya from Kano. Cage then leaves Sonya to her search for Jax. She find him on Goro's Lair, she was then founded by Shang Tsung who makes Sonya challenge Noob Saibot (The Elder Sub-Zero at the time), after Sonya wins she challenges Shang Tsung, until Raiden comes in and tries to stop Sonya from fighting Shang Tsung to preserve the normal flow of time, Sonys wins and attempts to finish Raiden but Raiden blinds Shang Tsung, allowing Sonya to rescue Jax who is badly hurt, they get as far as the Palace Gates, but she is then encountered by Kitana and Jade, but she defeats them both. But as the helicopter arrives, it is shot down by Shang Tsung who makes Sonya challenge Kano, Sonya defeats him as well. But as Cage, Raiden along with Liu Kang come to see how Sonya is she tries to stop Raiden to attends to Jax, but Cage insists that Raiden is here to help and tells the group of warriors about the impending events of Armageddon. During the events of the Tournament, Sonys does fight, but somewhere she loses to an opponent. Liu Kang then fights and defeats Shang Tsung to give Earthrealm the safety it desperately needs from the evil of Shao Kahn and his realm of Outworld. The Earthrealm warrior than return to the Wu Shi Acadamy where Sonya sees Liu Kang be given the honorary medal of the Elder Gods in commemoration of his victory in the tournament. As Shang Tsung (with his power back) offers Raiden and the Earthrealm warriors a chance to fight in Shao Kahn's personally sanctioned tournament to really decide the fate of Earthrealm, Raiden refuses. Then, Shang Tsung lets in a huge Tarkatan horde to raid the Wu Shi Acadamy. Sonya is kidnapped by the horde during the raid, and now the Earthrealm warriors have no choice but to travel to Outworld and fight in Kahn's tournament. Jax, Cage and Raiden compete in the tournament while trying to search for Sonya, they eventually find her in the Dead Pool along with Sheeva. Jax defeats Sheeva and rescues her. After Sonya was rescued, the warriors split up as they spot technology in Outworld (possibly Cyrax and Sektor), Cage and Raiden journey into the Living Forest while Sonya and Jax venture underground. They find Sub-Zero (Kuai Liang) after he defeats Cyrax, Sonya then realizes it's a different Sub-Zero, but then the 3 warriors were attacked by Ermac, Jax tries to stop him but Ermac uses his power to sever both of Jax's arms, after Sub-Zero defeats Ermac he attends to Sonya and Jax and tells them that they can get back to Earthrealm. They venture back to Earthrealm as Liu kang defeats Kahn at the end of the tournament.Some time passes and she now sees that Jax's arms are replaced with bionic implants. As Shao Kahn invades Earthrealm, she and Jax rejoin Raiden in their fight to defend their realm, even after Nightwolf's success in defeating Noob Saibot and destroying the Soulnado, Raiden and Liu Kang go to speak to the Elder Gods, then the Lin Kuei ambush them. Though the Earthrealm warriors defeat the Lin Kuei, they were pawns in a bigger plan of ambush in the form of Sindel who has been revitalized by Quan Chi and allowing Kahn to invade Earthrealm. Sonya and Cage were just defeated as the rest were killed by Sindel. Liu Kang attends to Cage and Sonya while Raiden goes to the Neatherrealm to talk to Quan Chi for assistance. But as Kahn is about to merge Earthrealm with Outworld, and as Liu kang and Raiden fight each other, Cage and Sonya try to stop them, but Raiden severely injures Liu Kang who falls to the ground unconscious. Sonya and Cage try to stop Kahn themselves but were easily defeated. But as Raiden and the Elder Gods defeat Kahn for all time, Sonya and Cage stand in shivering defiance as they see a lot of their comerades fallen during Kahn's invasion. After Raiden takes them and attempt to rebuild their realm, little do they know is that the fight is far from over, as Shinnok threatens to conquer both Earthrealm and Outworld.

[edit] Mortal Kombat X

It has been noted in the early trailers of the upcoming game's story that sometime after the events of Mortal Kombat (2011 Game) she and Johnny Cage married and had a daughter: Cassie Cage, but sometime before the events of Mortal Kombat X they divorced. Info is sketchy right now, but Sonya is said to be a mentor to her daughter.

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