Home Realm:Unknown
First Appearence:Injustice: Gods Among Us


[edit] Story

One of the toughest warriors in the universe. Thaal Sinestro had proved his strength on his native planet of Korugar. His abilities has caught the attention of the universal guardians and made him a member of the Green Lantern Corp. He would be known in the Corp. as one of it's greatest warriors. He was also the mentor of Hal Jordan as they fought together to help many worlds. Then, things began to change in Sinestro, he became obsessed with order and concluded that fear is the best asset to use in order to have people follow him. He begins by conquering his home planet Korugar by duplicating the power of the Green Lantern Corp. and formed his own faction called the Sinestro Corp. Eventually Sinestro became the planet's leader. This made Sinestro an enemy to Hal Jordan. Soon after, Korugar became a desolate, lifeless planet. He ventures to other worlds in hopes to regain his power. He finds Earth (home of Hal Jordan). He consistantly fails to take Earth due to Hal Jordan's determination.

[edit] Injustice: Gods Among Us

[edit] Real World

Sinestro was a part of the Injustice League that attacked Metropolis. He fights his rival: Green Lantern and loses. Not much is known about Sinestro afterwards.

[edit] Alternate World

After Superman kills The Joker and forms the One Earth empire, Sinestro forms an alliance with Superman as the One Earth empire is similar to his own on his home planet of Korugar. He also convinces Hal Jordan to leave the Green Lantern Corp and join the Sinestro Corp. to aid the One Earth empire. Sinestro was in Gotham as he fights the real world's Justice League. The real world's Green Lantern comes and helps his comerades against his alternate world's rival. Sinestro fights Green Lantern and loses. Then as Superman executes his plan to wage war on Mankind, Sinestro rounds up the One Earth military to ready them for war. Then, the alternate world's The Flash defects from the One Earth empire and fights Sinestro. Sinestro again loses and was encased in a Pyramid made by The Flash, but Sinestro escapes and heads to Gotham where he finds the real world's Superman and uses his ring to supposedly defeat him. As he though he defeated Superman, he was surprised from behind by The Man of Steel and was stripped of his ring. After the One Earth empire falters, Sinestro was taken back to the universal guardians on OA by the real world's Green Lantern.

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