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[edit] Story

This woman hero who's name is Rachel Roth is a hybrid. Her mother was human who lives in the mystical land of Azarath, her mother was also married to a demon named Trigon who had dark demonic powers. When Rachael was born she was inherited her father's demonic powers. By having these powers all of her life, Rachael has taught herself to keep her emotions in check and not let her powers control her, but control her own powers.Rachael later joined the teen Titans and assumed her alter ego name of Raven.

[edit] Injustice Gods Among Us

[edit] Real World

Raven fights for the Justice League and fights against the Injustice League aboard the Watch Tower. Before Batman comes to help, Raven fights Lex Luthor and holds him off long enough for Batman to come and help. This version of Raven wasn't heard from since.

[edit] Alternate World

After Superman kills The Joker out of retribution for mistaking killing Lois Lane and destroying Metropolis, he forms his One Earth Empire. Raven joins the One Earth Empire and because of it gives in to her demonic nature. In a military installation, she and Cyborg strap their infamous enemy Deathstroke to a table and torture him as Deathstroke refuses to accept Amnesty. The real world's Green Lantern comes in and interrupts their interrogation, Raven loses to Green Lantern. She returns to the military installation to give her world's Wonder Woman an update on something going on in her world. Deathstroke comes in and interrupts them, raven would again be defeated this time by Deathstroke. Then, Raven heads to her world's Themyscira with Wonder Woman to rally the Amazons for war against Mankind. But she encounters the real world Wonder Woman and loses to her in battle. After the One Earth Empire falls, Raven was taken in and imprisoned along with Superman's followers.

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