Rage Meter

[edit] Gameplay

Yet another new part of gameplay introduced in Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe is the Rage Meter. The concept of Rage constitutes to the storyline of the game at every turn, so it was to be expected that it would be incorporated within the gameplay.

Batman triggering Rage Mode.

The Rage Meter occupies the small yellow bar beneath the health bar. The Rage bar has two functions; Rage Mode and Quick Kounter. The Rage Meter will fill up after performing just about any action, be it a simple or special attack, or even being struck by an attack fills the bar. The bar is split into two halfs. One of the bars functions is the Quick Kounter, which will consume one half of Rage Meter. It's quite a useful technique that can be used during just about any combo that they are being attacked with, providing they aren't dazed or incapacitated. By holding both the R2 and L2 buttons (Playstation 3) or RB and LB (Xbox 360) will trigger the Kounter which will result in your character blocking and breaking the enemy combo. The second and more powerful function of the Rage Meter is Rage Mode. Once the bar is full you press the rage buttons as described for the Quick Kounter, and your character will become engulfed in a yellow haze. You then have a set time to attack whilst the bar is depleting; your attacks will be almost twice as powerful and will break blocks frequently. As mentioned before there are many ways of filling the meter; another few ways of filling it are being engaged in Klose Kombat, Free Falling or Test Your Might modes or even being the fighter to deliver the first hit.

[edit] Tips

Though Rage is supposed to be pratically unstoppable, there are a number of ways to avoid being caught in a blitz of double powered combos. One way is to simply utilise teleportation special moves such as Raiden's lightning teleport of Sub Zero's Ice teleport, however these won't always get you out of trouble. An online technique known simply as "Shelling" or "Turtling" can also hold off the worst of a Rage combo. Simply crouch down and block at the same time to avoid the bulk of an enemy's attack.

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