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Quan Chi
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Home Realm:Netherealm
First Appearence:Mortal Kombat 4


[edit] Pre-Mortal Kombat

Quan Chi is considered one of the most powerful scorcerers in all of the Realms. Though his true origins are unknown, but some sources say that he is from the Netherealm. 2 years before the 10th generation Mortal Kombat in Earthrealm Quan Chi has begun his quest for an ancient relic known as the "Sacred Amulet" which is supposed to re-animate dead beings. This began during a huge war between 2 ninja clans that was obscured from the rest of Earthrealm, a Chinese clan known as "Lin Kuei" and a Japanese clan known as "Shirai-Ryu", eventually the Lin Kuei won over the Shirai-Ryu with the aid of an assassin known as Sub-Zero (Bi-Han). This is when Quan Chi recruited Bi-Han to help him obtain the Amulet as the map to the relic's precise location which is in the Shaolin Temples, Quan Chi also recruited the last surviving Shirai-Ryu member named Hanzo Hasashi to obtain the map just in case Bi-Han fails, but the 2 ninjas met at the map's location, true to the saying of the Lin Kuei, Bi-Han challenged Hanzo to Mortal Kombat, Bi-Han killed Hanzo and takes the map. As Bi-Han fights and defeats the elemental gods in the temple of the Amulet, he was met by Quan Chi and delivered the Amulet. Then, Quan Chi shows his true intentions to Bi-Han and escapes to the Netherealm, Bi-Han on the decree of Raiden begins to chase Quan Chi. As Bi-Han ventures to the Netherealm, Quan Chi has done many things, like sending his personal assassin Sareena to find and kill Bi-Han, he also used the amulet to re-animate Hanzo Hasashi, now known as Scorpion and even made a duplicate of the Amulet. Quan Chi eventually has caught up with Bi-Han and challenged him to Mortal Kombat with Bi-Han winning. Though Bi-Han would eventually defeat Quan Chi's proposed master, Shinnok Quan Chi would come up with a contigiency. Bt this would take several more years to come into fruition (in shadow of the events of Mortal Kombat, Shao Kahn's tournament in Outworld and Kahn's invasion of Earthrealm).

[edit] Mortal Kombat 4

About a year after the Earthrealm Warriors defeated Shao Kahn and his Outworld forces and defended Earthrealm. What they failed to realize is that with Earthrealm's victory now leaves the Realm vulnerable to the invasion of the fallen Elder God, Shinnok. Quan Chi and Shinnok along with other warriors such as Reptile, Scorpion, Reiko and Tanya. Though, they invaded Earthrealm but they failed to defeat the Realm's warriors as Champion of Mortal Kombat Liu Kang proved his title by fighting and defeating Shinnok. Shinnok was once again banished to the Netherealm, but during the battle Scorpion had sucessfully defeated Sub-Zero (Kuai Liang) as Scorpion believes that his brother killed his family and his ninja clan the Shirai-Ryu, as Scorpion was about to finish Sub-Zero Quan Chi came in and preceeded to tell Scorpion that Bi-Han was indeed responsible for the elimination of the Shirai-Ryu, but it was Quan Chi who killed Scorpion's family, then Scorpion sends Quan Chi to the Netherealm. Scorpion would persue Quan Chi for years.

[edit] Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Quan Chi was being persued by Scorpion when he told him about the fate of his family. Then, Quan Chi has sent his new servants Moloch and Drahmin to keep Scorpion occupied while Quan Chi himself successfully escape. He ventures to Outworld where he discovers ancient Outworld writing which tells of a tale of a story about "The invincible army of the Dragon King", Onaga, and has found this army as well, he also freed the scorcerer Shang Tsung known enemy to Earthrealm. In order torevive Onaga's invincible army, they must consume the souls of their enemies. First is to consume the soul of Shao Kahn, while posing to serve the Emperor, they showed their true intentions and eliminated the Emperor. They ventured to Earthrealm and found Liu Kang at the Wu-Shi Acadamy, Shang Tsung posed as Kung Lao to surprise Liu Kang from behind. Quan Chi witnessed Shang Tsung about to be defeated, he then used his green skull to stun Liu Kang long enough for Shang Tsung to deliver the killing blow to Liu Kang by breaking his neck and consuming his soul, though the rest of Earthrealm warriors made a retaliation (including Raiden who relinquished his status of Elder God upon hearing about Liu Kang's murder), but with the combined power of Quan Chi and Shang Tsung has proved overwhelming for the Earthrealm warriors as they kill them off one-by-one until only Raiden remained, both scorcerers eventually defeated Raiden. But, as both Shang Tsung and Quan Chi see the defeated Raiden, Shang Tsung decided to challenge Quan Chi to Mortal Kombat as the deadly alliance began to self destruct. Then, Onaga appears and both Shang Tsung and Quan Chi tried to eliminate him. But, Onaga was very poweful (even when Raiden was revived and helped the deadly alliance), Raiden then concentrated all of his power to cause a massive explosion which killed himself, the deadly alliance and Onaga's invincible army.

[edit] Mortal Kombat: Deception

Though Quan Chi was killed in Raiden's sacrifice, the Sacred Amulet that he possessed was now in the hands of Onaga. By compensating the loss of his invincible army, he used the Amulet to re-animate the dead Earthrealm Warriors. With his new army, Onaga hopes to continue on his journey of ruling all existance and immortality. Then, Raiden was revived (and corrupted) and used his power to re-animate Liu Kang which made the physical body into a mindless and raging zombie and killed many innocent people. As the body of Liu Kang was on his revived rempage, the soul of Liu Kang decended into Outworld and recruited Ermac to save his friends and even taught warrior Shujinko the moves he needed to defeat Onaga. Both Liu Kang and Ermac freed the Earthrealm warriors from Onaga's will and Onaga himself was defeated by Shujinko. Then, the Elder Gods gave a fire being named Blaze setting the stage of Armageddon.

[edit] Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

Somehow, Quan Chi was re-animated. He then sided with his master Shinnok along with Raiden, Shao Kahn and Onaga to fight in Armageddon, but before the events unfold, Quan Chi has fought against the half-human/god being Taven and was defeated. Then, as the events of Armageddon began. He fought with many fighters (including Kung Lao and Jax), but he would die as the events continued. Eventually, Taven would defeat Blaze and empowered by the Elder Gods.

[edit] Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe

  • This game does not tie-in to the story of the original game.

As the Earthrealm warriors defeated Shao Kahn and his forces. Kahn himself was sent into the graveyard along with Quan Chi who scalded him for his failiure, then as Raiden appears and lectures Kahn, Quan Chi tried to escape but was stopped by Kahn and then raiden pinned Kahn to the portal. After Kahn disappears, Raiden turns his attention to Quan Chi and sends him to the Elder Gods for judgment. As the Mortal Kombat universe is now merging with the universe of DC Comics, Quan Chi was bounded to the netherealm and is now wanted by Sub-Zero (Kuai Liang), as Sub-Zero was founded by Scorpion as both ninjas fought and Scorpion defeated by Sub-Zero the Netherealm began to feel the merging as well and broke Quan Chi's shackles. Quan Chi then tells this and sends Sub-Zero back to Raiden and tells Scorpion to find Kitana who has seen the real being behind the mering Dark Kahn, as Scorpion finds Kitana, she is heavily influenced by the "Kombat Rage" Quan Chi uses his mind control spell to confront the rage within Kiatana and sent her to Raiden's Sky Temple and showed Raiden and his Earthrealm warriors reason for his breaking out of the Netherealm and what the Earthrealm warriors are *really* fighting against. He has told them that the forces of light must join the forces of darkness in order to defeat the DC Superheroes. The 2 forces have mixed success with the DC Superheroes and villains, eventually they all meet and Raiden and Superman defeat Dark Kahn. As the 2 universes separated, the DC villain Darkseid tried to defeat them all, but failed. Raiden then takes him to the Elder Gods for judgment.

[edit] Mortal Kombat R

As Raiden sends himself back in time as he was about to be eliminated by Shao Kahn, Quan Chi was aiding Scorpion in Mortal Kombat in his revenge on Sub-Zero (Bi-Han). Then, as Scorpion sends Sub-Zero to the Netherealm and challenges him and then defeats him, but is reluctant to kill him as Raiden promised Scorpion that he would re-animate his family and clan if he is to spare Sub-Zero's life. Then, Quan Chi refreshed Scorpion's memory and his desire to kill Sub-Zero and complies. Then, Quan Chi and Scorpion fought against Shaolin Monk Liu Kang, but they would lose. As Liu Kang defeats Shang Tsung and wins Mortal Kombat, Quan Chi would also compete in Shao Kahn's tournament in Outworld. But he and Shang Tsung would lose to another Shaolin Monk Kung Lao, again Liu Kang would win and nearly killed Shao Kahn himself. But Quan Chi helped Kahn revive and heal and decreeded to Kahn that he can still invade Earthrealm by revivng his queen Sindel which can be done in Earthrealm, with Sindel revived, Kahn's forces invaded Earthrealm. Quan Chi then venutres to Earthrealm along with Noob Saibot and casting a spell to create a "Soul-Nado" as Noob fought a Cybernized Sub-Zero Quan Chi casts the Soul-Nado spell, but was confronted by Nightwolf, he challenged him but lost to him. As most of the Earthrealm warriors were killed by Sindel and Raiden ventured to the Netherealm where he fought and defeated Scorpion in order to talk to Quan Chi. As Raiden confronted Quan Chi he begged for assistance from the Netherealm with the exchange of the souls of the dead warriors (including Raiden's if he were to die as well), but Quan Chi then revealed his true intentions and his new forces as he was already offered the souls of the dead Earthrealm warriors with the Netherealm's co-opperation with Outworld. As Raiden defeated the dead warriors, Quan Chi leaves with Raiden finally realizing that he must let Shao Kahn merge Earthrealm with Outworld in order to have the aid if the Elder Gods. As Raiden defeated Kahn and the Elder Gods eliminating the Emperor. He goes to attempt to revive Liu Kang and Earthrealm. Quan Chi then told his master Shinnok that both Earthrealm and Outworld will be ripe for conquering by the fallen Elder God.

[edit] Mortal Kombat X

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