Realm Type:Ravaged
Known Beings:* Scorcerers
  • Tarkatans
  • Shokan

[edit] History

Outworld is one of the known realms in the Mortal Kombat Universe. A long time ago, this realm was ruled by Onaga in which he called himself "The Dragon King". His rule was oppresive and it has been said that he had an army which was considered invincible. But, his army was eventually defeated by another led by the powerful warlord Shao Kahn who went on to overthrow Onaga and rule Outworld. Over time, Shao Kahn became power hungry and decides to use his magic to conquer other realms. One by one Outworld began to merge with other realms. Then, the Elder Gods insist that Shao Kahn should only conquer realms through a deadly martial arts tournament known as "Mortal Kombat", and in order for Kahn to conquer a realm his warriors must win 10 torunaments in a row. His forces did so as Outworld merged with Edenia and other realms since then. With only Earthrealm left to conquer, Kahn's Outworld forces won 9 Mortal Kombats in a row with the help of scorcerers and a Shokan named Goro. But, the 10th tournament would spell the end of Outworld's domination as its best warriors were defeated by the current generation of Earthrealm Warriors led by the Thunder God, Raiden, particualrly Liu Kang the decendant of Kung Lao. A few months have passed, and Shao Kahn decides to lure the Earthrealm warriors into a trap and set another Mortal Kombat tournament in Outworld itself. But again was defeated by Earthrealm. This is when Shao Kahn decided to break the sacred rules of Mortal Kombat and merge Outworld with Earthrealm. But again, was defeated by Earthrealm. Then, as Shang Tsung and [[Quan Chi formed the "Deadly Alliance" in hopes to revive Onaga's invincible army, they killed Shao kahn after swearing false allegience. Then, as the Earthrealm warriors (especially Liu Kang) fall to the deadly alliance they seem to be on a victory, but were about to self destruct, and then found themselves fighting against Onaga himself. They were killed off as Raiden sacrificed himself to destroy Onaga.

[edit] The Realm and its beings

Outworld, is a realm like no other. Though, it has a histroy of being ruled by oppresion. But has many interesting locales and beings in this realm that are seen nowhere else. The realm has a lot of mountainous regions where it has many sacred shrines and temples. The shrines and temples always have some kind of groud where warriors of all kind fight in Mortal Kombat. and sometimes, it is also physically linked to other realms as well. The beings are strange (and soemtimes) deadly. There are a lot of human like beings that study scorcery which that consist of healing powers or even soul drain ability or even try to merge their own realm with another. The other beings are the Tarkatans, which are very dangerous beings taht live in the unerground regions of Outworld. With metal serged into their body (the tell tale signs are the teeth and the razor sharp blades that come out of their wrists) and have no concern for death either it is themselves or their opponents. The other beigns are the Shokan. Which are part human and part dragon beings that can live over 5,000 years. Like the Tarkatans, the Shokan also live underground or inside the many mountain temples in Outworld. These beings have 4 arms and 12 fingers (3 on each hand). Unlike the Tarkatans, the Shokan have their very own ruler (which the first Shokan ruer is named Kuatan who Goro decends from), these beings are very dangerous to fight in Mortal Kombat as they have the strength that a regular human can not comprehend.

[edit] Battlegrounds

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