The vampire Nitara is from a forgotten realm called Vaeternus. Born as a vampire, her name which means "Deeply rooted" is appropriate considering her deep heritage as vampire. It can also be a play on what vampires are known for: Sinking their teeth deeply into their target's neck. In the events of MKDA: Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance, Nitara used Reptile and Cyrax in order to get the orb that would free her realm from Outworld and Shao Kahn's emprisonment. Which turned out good. She was reverred for her part in freeing her realm but later, in the events of MKA: Armageddon, Nitara is sent to the crater in Edenia to find a prophecized power that would help her get rid of the new wielder of Datusha. Datusha is in fact a sword with which Ashrah attacked Vaeternus. Coming across her, Nitara managed to lure her in Edenia to help her race. The previous wielder of Datusha was in fact Kahil Grigesh, a vampire that committed suicide with the sword, bane of the vampire nation after realizing what kind of genocide he brought to his peers.

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