Realm Type:Realm of punishment and death
Known Beings:* Punished beings
  • Dead beings
  • Dead Souls


[edit] Story

It is unclear on what kind of history the Netherealm has. But it was greatly effected by the merging of Earthrealm & Outworld (which explains why Scorpion could not fight in the third unplanned Mortal Kombat).

[edit] The Realm & Its beings

Netherealm is basically a realm where the dead and the punished are sent. Though, living beings come to this realm from time to time (mostly scorcerers who only know the realm's precise location). The dead that decend to this awful place usually are tortured for their crimes against other beings. Sometimes, living beings that come here are also punished for their crimes (usually when after they face judgment by the Elder Gods) and are captivated for all eternity in the Netherealm.

[edit] Battlegrounds

[edit] Known Natives

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