Mortal Kombat X Arcade Endings

After beating Arcade Mode with the correct character, it will unlock a brief voiceover with pieces of artwork, detailing the accounts of what characters did soon after the events of the game.

Note: You can unlock the endings for each character by playing on any difficulty.


[edit] Scorpion

Remorse for his role in resurrecting Shinnok weighed heavily upon Scorpion's soul. His desire for vengeance had brought Earthrealm to the brink of destruction. Scorpion offered to perform hara-kiri to atone for his offense. But Raiden suggested a more productive alternative. Instead of death, Raiden sentenced Scorpion to life. He imbued Scorpion with a small portion of the Jinsei's power, linking him to Earthrealm's essence. Scorpion and his Shirai Ryu clan would protect the Jinsei--and Earthrealm--forever.

[edit] Sub-Zero

Grandmaster Sub-Zero knew his Lin Kuei clan would need more than martial arts to stave off future threats to Earthrealm. In the frozen reaches of Outworld, he found the answer; a female frost dragon with a clutch of eggs. With his ability to freeze, Sub-Zero hatched the dragon-lings. They accepted their Lin Kuei masters and their training as kombat mounts. With a force of dragon riders, the Lin Kuei's ferocity became legend. None dared risk konflict with Earthrealm.

[edit] Raiden

After milennia of fending off Earthrealm's enemies, Raiden began to wonder if defense was the best path for peace. In a change of tactics, Raiden and the Shirai Ryu attacked Kotal Kahn's armies before they could rebuild. They decimated the Emperor's forces, leaving Outworld at their mercy. The victorious Raiden claimed dominion over Outworld. The first of many threats to Earthrealm had been removed.

[edit] Kotal Kahn

Kotal Kahn returned to Outworld determined to rebuild his forces. But Raiden defeated him in a surprise attack and claimed dominion over Outworld. Desperate, the emperor called upon the Elder Gods to aid in preserving his sovereignty. They granted his request, invoking the most sacred of contests. Now once every decade, Kotal Kahn must enlist his greatest defenders to face Raiden's challengers... in Mortal Kombat.

[edit] Ermac

Alone once more, Ermac searched the labyrinthine corridors of Shao Kahn's old fortress-- searching for the source of a faint voice calling to him. Suddenly a wisp of dust brushed his chest, wrenching free one of his many souls. The dust took the form of a man who began to consume soul after soul. As the weakened Ermac stared helplessly, he recognized the mysterious figure; the sorcerer Shang Tsung. Returned from death.

[edit] Reptile

After Shinnok's defeat, Reptile was ordered to Earthrealm by Kotal Kahn, to assess the damage. Such intel could prove useful in future konflicts. Stumbling upon a collapsed cavern exposed during the crisis, Reptile was shocked to see Raptors emerging from within. Unlike the rest of his race, these Raptors had never left Earthrealm for the doomed realm of Zaterra, and thus had remained safe and hidden. Alone no more, Reptile vowed to remain with his rediscovered people--and reclaim their Earthrealm homeland.

[edit] Erron Black

Nearly 150 years ago, Erron Black had been hired by Shang Tsung to assassinate an Earthrealm warrior. In return, Shang had slowed Black's aging process. He could therefore afford to be patient. If an employer wanted someone dead, they would be in time. A team of young Earthrealm warriors had caused Erron Black's current employer, Kotal Kahn, much inconvenience. With the patience of a viper, Black eliminated them all.

[edit] Johnny Cage

[edit] Sonya Blade

[edit] Jacqui Briggs

[edit] Cassie Cage

[edit] Triborg

After destroying Shinnok, Triborg turned his attention to the Special Forces. General Blade and the others fought valiantly, but their human weaknesses led to their inevitable defeat. Now with access to the S-F computer network, Triborg used it to interface with the Lin Kuei storage drives from which he was spawned. He saved the brainwave data of dozens of his Lin Kuei brothers and sisters to the S-F servers. The S-F laboratories provided the materials necessary for Triborg to create cybernetic bodies for each one. Soon the downloads were complete. The cyber Lin Kuei has been re-formed. But because Sub-Zero had forever sullied the clan's name, Triborg decided to begin anew. He would henceforth be known as the leader of the deadliest clan in all the realms -- the Tekunin.

[edit] Tanya

With Mileena executed, Tanya's dreams of a free Edenia seemed dead as well. She and the other rebels were fugitives from Kotal Kahn's justice. Her fellow Edenian Rain had proved a powerful ally and a satisfactory konsort. But he had become useless to her. In exchange for leniency, Tanya informed the Kahn of Rain's whereabouts. Imprisoned but alive, Tanya's plotting began anew.

[edit] Tremor

Standing over Shinnok, Tremor reveled in his power. Much had changed since the Black Dragon's excursion to the Dream Realm. Kano had sent Tremor's team there to retrieve a "psych-bomb," to be used in Kano's theft of Shinnok's Amulet. Exposure to that realm had increased Tremor's power --and expanded his mind. He would evolve into an Earth elemental: a demi-god whose power would rival that of Raiden and Fujin.

[edit] Bo' Rai Cho

[edit] Ferra/Torr

[edit] D'Vorah

D'Vorah's ultimate plan was not to destroy Shinnok, but to enslave him. She implanted larvae -- her young -- in his body to gestate. Having consumed the godlike power of their immortal host, D'Vorah's offspring were unlike any Kytinn ever born. As they matured, they spread like locusts throughout the realms. Her army of Kytinn super-drones brought glory to D'Vorah, their beloved queen -- and destruction to all.

[edit] Jax

[edit] Kung Lao

[edit] Goro

The Shokan had become outcasts for refusing to aid either side in the Outworld Civil War. But with the conflict over, Prince Goro decided to reenter the political landscape. Kotal Kahn's armies were weak from years of battle. Mileena's rebels were scattered. It was an easy matter for the Shokan to seize control. The newly crowned Emperor Goro had his rivals exterminated. No Osh-Tekk, Kytinn, Edenian or Tarkatan would usurp his throne.

[edit] Shinnok

[edit] Kenshi

[edit] Kung Jin

[edit] Takeda

[edit] Liu Kang

[edit] Alien

The Alien tore through Shinnok's flesh, reducing him to a bloody pulp. The creature then returned to its nest in Outworld. It continued to venture forth looking for suitable hosts for use in establishing a new hive. The Alien found more than a few intriguing species and dragged them back to its lair. Once a queen had been spawned, the Alien's new hive multiplied quickly and spread unchecked throughout the realm. Emperor Kotal Kahn attempted to save Outworld in a desperate final attack on the Aliens' main nesting ground. The attack failed. Outworld belonged to the Aliens.

[edit] Predator

This world called Earth produced many worthy opponents - which made for excellent sport. Some possessed a power previously unknown to the Predator's race: sorcery. The Predator sought to harness this new power for use in his konquests. He analyzed a trophy from a recent battle and eventually discovered its secrets. With the power of sorcery, the Predator was unstoppable and decimated whole worlds single-handedly. He had become the Apex Predator.

[edit] Jason Voorhees

Like Scorpion, Jason Voorhees was a revenant: a vengeful spirit returned to life. Hundreds had fallen victim to his bloodlust. Liu Kang, now ruler of the Netherrealm, took notice. An immortal killer like Jason would be useful in his plan for konquest. He drew Jason into the Netherrealm and offered him an endless bounty of slaughter... in return for his allegiance. Jason's simple reply was to destroy Liu Kang.

[edit] Leatherface

Leatherface had cut down the old man in the strange outfit. Maybe now that he was dead, the pretty yellow haired gum chewing girl would notice Leatherface. Putting on his fanciest "mask", Leatherface found the army camp where the pretty girl could be found most days. He had to cut through a few guards and more than a few of her friends to get to her, but it was worth it. He pulled out the old man's face, which he'd saved for the girl as a present. The girl didn't want the present. And she wasn't being nice. So Leatherface chopped her into tiny pieces for Drayton to use in his chili. He then took off his mask and set to work on the girl's face. If she wasn't going to be his girlfriend, she could be his in other ways.

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