Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe Arcade Endings

After beating Arcade Mode with the correct character, it will unlock a brief voiceover with a piece of artwork, detailing the accounts of what characters did soon after the events of the game.

Note: You can unlock the endings for each character by playing on any difficulty.


[edit] Mortal Kombat Character's Endings

Scorpion's ending.

[edit] Scorpion

After the conflict between the two universes, Scorpion was still under the influence of Dark Khan's rage. Waiting in solitude, Scorpion's body is now the host to Dark Khan's undying hatred, but no one knows if he will ever survive the transformation...

Sub-Zero's ending.

[edit] Sub-Zero

After the conflict, he was inspired by one of the otherworldy invaders who donned a cape, who fought and trained in solitude. Sub Zero then goes on to alternate his costume, including a long drawn black cape, and his Arcade artwork shows him perched atop a building watching over the city below, just like The Batman...

Sonya's ending.

[edit] Sonya Blade

During the raging battle between the two universes, one of the many members of the Green Lantern Corps. was killed in action, their ring lost in the Earthrealm. It was Sonya's fate to find the ring laying about. She now carries the ring and the powers it grants, but it only has one charge left. Sonya must use the ring sparingly until she can find a magical source to recharge it.

Shang Tsung's ending.

[edit] Shang Tsung

Inspired greatly by one of the many combatants he fought during the merging, Shang Tsung idolised the mighty warrior, Captain Marvel, impressed with his fighting ability. Shang Tsung retreated to his dwelling, seeking to create a legion of super warriors which would have Captain Marvel's powers, but be a twisted image of him and, using droplets of blood he had collected from a torn segment of cape, along with the flesh of a Tarkatan corpse, Shang Tsung has managed to create a race of Super-Tarkatans, willing to carry out his orders.

Kitana's ending.

[edit] Kitana

As the two universes were seperated once more, Kitana and her Edenian allies were able to settle down once more. Inhabiting the island once owned by the evil sorceror, Shang Tsung, they dwell in peace and at harmony.

Jax's ending.

[edit] Jax

During the mergoing, Jax was forced into so many battles and defeats that once it was all over, his body was left tattered, and his cybernetics discharged. He fled from the aftermath, and in isolation he rebuilt his body entirely from cybernetics becoming more machine rather than human.

Raiden's ending.

[edit] Raiden

Raiden had fought the hardest out of the league of Earthrealm and when the conflict came to an abrupt end, his powers were drained, leaving him weak and exhausted. However, the sorceror Quan Chi made him an offer: if Raiden would surrender Earthrealm to Shao Khan's forces, the sorceror would hand him a jade pendant of unknown origins, guarenteed to replenish his godly powers.

Liu Kang's ending.

[edit] Liu Kang

After the great battle Liu Kang returned to Earthrealm where Raiden had news for him. The Rock of Enlightenment, a landmark of untold powers had been triggered, and the powers would then be granted to Liu Kang, the powers being almost identical to that of the invader, Captain Marvel. All Liu Kang would have to say to trigger his powers would be , "Mortal Kombat!"

Kano's ending.

[edit] Kano

After the merging, Kano was still infected by the overwhelming rage. When he returned to Earthrealm, the rage twisted with inside him, turning him into a crazed madman, and physcopath. Now he's on the hunt for Shang Tsung once again...

Baraka's ending.

[edit] Baraka

Returning to his realm, Baraka was still tainted by Dark Khan's rage that seemed to spread to his fellow Tarkatans. This resulted in the Tarkatans turning into even wilder and power powerful savages, always hungering for battle.

Shao Kahn's ending.

[edit] Shao Kahn

After being banished to the Phantom Zone, it was thought that the emperor's powers would dissolve, and that he would be forever imprisoned. However, the Phantom Zone had the completely opposite effect on him. Instead of weakening him, it increased his powers to an all time high. Seeing hundreds of leagues of banished warriors also trapped in the Phantom Zone by Superman, Shao Khan broke them free and together the blew apart the bonds and broke free into Earthrealm once more, the villains swearing an oath of loyalty to the emperor who had set them free.

[edit] DC Universe Character's Endings

Superman's ending.

[edit] Superman

After his encounter with the invaders and their strange magical powers, Superman now knew how vulnerable he would be to similar assaults in the future. With the aid of Shazam, he applied ancient Kryptonian lore to the creation of a new costume, giving him resistance to magic. Attacks by sorcerers and demons now have no effect on the Man of Steel.

Batman's ending.

[edit] Batman

Concerned that other worlds might once again invade Earth, Batman set to work and built an autonomous global security system to monitor any temporal breaches. His system, called OMAC (Outerworld Monitor and Auto-Containment), is designed to detect and trap invaders from alternate universes.

Wonder Woman's ending.

[edit] Wonder Woman

After her assailants vanished from Themyscira, Wonder Woman and her warriors came across the strangest of artefacts. A spear, a belt, and shield were found. After equipping them to herself, Wonder Woman was blessed with an outowlrdy strength.

Green Lantern's ending.

[edit] Green Lantern

On a distant planet, a huge pyramid unexpectedly rose from beneath the ground. Its origin was unknown, but it seemed to emanate energy similar to what Batman detected from the invading universe. Sinestro has learned of the pyramid's existence and desires whatever secret it might contain. Hal Jordan knows only that its energy is dangerous - and that the Green Lantern Corps must stop the Sinestro Corps at any cost.

The Flash's ending.

[edit] The Flash

Though engaged in battle with the mighty Liu Kang, after the battle had come to an abrupt end, the two allied themselves with one another, promising to let the other know of an impending peril. Soon enough, the sorceror, Quan Chi was about to wreak havoc...

Catwoman's ending.

[edit] Catwoman

Unlike most of those involved in the conflict, Catwoman seemed to have adopted a beneficial new trait. The rage had manage to grant her the power to transform herself from human to black panther at will.

Captain Marvel's ending.

[edit] Captain Marvel

In order to regain control of his godly power, Captain Marvel was guided by Shazam through a focusing ritual. At its apex, Captain Marvel was transported to a strange, ethereal world, finding himself face to face with godlike beings calling themselves the "Elder Gods." Now able to tap into these gods' powers, Captain Marvel has new abilities he is only just beginning to master.

Deathstroke's ending.

[edit] Deathstroke

After the conflict came abruptly to an end, Deathstroke had obtained mysterious powers. Using these, he spawned a clan of Deathstroke ninjas, each adopting the fighting stance of the opponents he had encountered in his battles.

Joker's ending.

[edit] Lex Luthor

Lex then went on to finish building a portal, with which he could freely enter the realms belonging to a neighbouring universe. With the help of his companion, Lex plans to overthrow both Earth and Earthrealm.

The Joker's ending.

[edit] The Joker

After the world's were seperated once again, Joker discovered he still retained his new powers, using them, he soon conquered all of Gotham, proclaming himself "Mayor Joker", the city devolved into chaos under his rule, and he now holds tournaments where "contestants" battle to the death for his ammusement, the winner fights the Joker himself.

Darkseid's ending.

[edit] Darkseid

Imprisoned in the Netherrealm, Darkseid was left vulnerable to attack. Shang Tsung attempted to steal Darkseid's soul, a source of immense power to use for his own benefit. In the midst of the magical assault, however, Darkseid reversed the drain, reducing Shang Tsung to a meek, withered old man. Empowered by Shang Tsung's magic, Darkseid broke free of his bonds. Shang Tsung hastily pledged allegience to Darkseid in an attempt to spare his own life.

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