Mortal Kombat (film)

The first Mortal Kombat film, screened in 1995.

[edit] Plot

The film's basic plot revolves around the Mortal Kombat character, Liu Kang. He is a Shaolin Monk who is greiving over the loss of his younger brother after he was murdered by the evil sorceror, Shang Tsung. Opportunity soon presents itself in the form of a fighting tournament in which Shang Tsung will oversee. Taking this chance to confront his borther's killer, Liu Kang hurries to the tournament. Meanwhile Johnny Cage, a film actor and master of the martial arts is also invited to the tournament along with Sonya Blade a police officer chasing a criminal known as Kano. They all board a ship that travels to a secluded island and meet Raiden the thunder God who has come to oversee the tournament. As the competitors get settled in, they suddenly realise that the opponents they will be fighting aren't of human origin. When Sub Zero and Scorpion appear on the seen, it seems the chances of winning the tournament are very slim. However Liu, Johnny, and Sonya make it through to the final rounds of the tournament in which Sonya finally finds Kano and slaughters him. Also, Liu is forced to fight the beautiful Kitana, who beats him in combat but spares him. Things start to heat up as Johnny is forced to battle Goro, the mightiest opponent in the entire tournament. Using his surrounding to his advantge, Johnny lead the beast out into the open and throws him from a cliff. Finally, Liu Kang manages to confront Shang Tsung and the two engage in Mortal Kombat. However, when things are looking down for him, the ghost of his fallen brother urges him on. Liu Kang gathers his strength and finishes the sorceror with the iconic "Bicycle Kick" special move. Shang Tsung is defeated and the fighters returned to the Shaolin academy where something else waits for them in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.

[edit] Cast

Scropion, as seen in the 1995 film.
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