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[edit] Story

Lex Luthor is considered one of the smartest people on Earth. Though he did have friends, but was bothered by a bad family life as his father was verbally abusive. During his high school years Lex was (for a time) good friends with Clark Kent (Superman) and even had a crush on Lana Lang. In fact he was engaged to Lana at one time (but she broke it up before their wedding). After Lex finished college, he went to Metroplois where he founded a technological company known as "LexCorp". Though, his comopany deals with advanced technology, but Lex hopes that one day his company would become a worldwide power. Because of this, his thoughts have consumed him psychologically. Then, when Superman ruins a project for his company, Lex makes the Man of Steel his main enemy. Though, he did try numerous attempts to defeat Superman. By striking a deal with an evil Kryptonian named General Zod, creating his own super being named Nuclear Man, and many others. But has always failed because of Superman.

[edit] Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe

  • Note: This Story is not cannon to the original Mortal Kombat Story

As Darkseid was invading Earth, the Justice League has fought Darkseid's parademons, and Superman had Darkseid pinned down. As Superman came down to the ground in Metropolis. He discovers Lex Luthor, and Superman accuses Lex that he helped Dardseid invade Earth, but Lex said that he was actually doing the earth a favor just in case if the Justice League were to fail. After Superman defeats Darkseid in his own dimensional boomtube, he sends Lex to a cell aboard the U.N. Space Station. But while the rest of the Justice League are battling a brand new crisis, Lex somehow makes his escape with the help from his scientists from LexCorp. He then uses a special robotic suit which increases Lex's strength hundered-fold (which can match even Superman). However, he then was consumed by a portal, and before he knew it, he was in another world. While venturing into the special forces secret base. He meets Jax and with his gentlemen demeanor, he was facinated by the special forces portal device, and even asked Jax to join him and to do business, but Jax was resilliant and fights Lex. Lex was defeated and was sent into the special forces prison level along with Catwoman. But with his orbotic suit and Catwoman's clever moves to slip past security. Lex and Catwoman use the special forces portal and they transport to OA (home of the Guardians of the Universe), they meet Green Lantern. He speaks to the Guardians, and even taunts Green lantern, he then gives into the Kombat Rage and fights Green Lantern, but was defeated. The Guardians stopped the fight and told the trio about the merging of their universe with the universe of Mortal Kombat. This is when they told the trio and they must work together to fight against this new crisis. As Green Lantern takes Lex and Catwoman back to Metroplois, as Green Lantern returns to the U.N. Space Station Lex and Catwoman formulate a pan to recruit a few of villians to deal with the crisis. He first recruits Deathstroke, and then The Joker. They return to Metropolis where they discover Captain Marvel, and eventually Superman, as he and Lex were arguing about the final battle with Darkseid, Marvel tells them calm down and about the Kombat rage and about a being known as Dark Kahn. Superman tells Lex to try to find soemthing that can take them to Darkseid's world of Apokolips. The Joker and Deathstroke were to find a special forces base while Lex and Catwoman went to find the warriors of the Mortal Kombat Universe. As Lex receives a threatening message from Batman, he and Catwoman were at the Wu Shi Acadamy, where they are found by Scorpion and Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero freezes their legs, but Lex breaks free and fights with the Lin Kuei assassin and defeats him. He then fights Scorpion, and defeats him as well. After he nreaks Catwoman free of the ice, they head to the special forces base, while there he sends the building schematics to LexCorp, then he was encountered by Jax again, but this time Lex defeats Jax and is also fascinated by his cybernetic arms. Then, The Flash subdues Catwoman and fights Lex, but Lex defeats The Flash. As he defeats The Flash the rest of the Justice League arrvies at the base along with The Joker and Deathstroke, Lex then was ordered by Superman to take them to Apokolips. There they witness the ripping apart of Apokolips (as it is merging with Outworld) and they meet with the fighters of Mortal Kombat, as Superman talks with Raiden Lex gets ready to fight, then Dark Kahn appears and fills up the fighters and the heroes with Kombat rage, as the fight ends neither side was the clear victor. As Lex confronts Superman, he became angry about the ruination of the DC Universe, and fights the Man of Steel but loses. But Batman steps in and prevents Superman from killing Lex. As Superman defeats Dark Kahn, Lex and the others were back to normal as they are in Darkseid's throne room. The team meets Shao Kahn then Superman takes Kahn into the Phantom Zone. But will Lex have a better relationship with Superman, or will he continue his evil ways? Time will tell, sooner or later, time will tell.

[edit] Injustice: Gods Among Us

[edit] Real world

Lex Luthor fights for the side of the Injustice League. He along with Bane, Catwoman and Solomon Grundy attack the Watch Tower. Then, Batman teleports to the Watch Tower, Luthor initally sends Bane against Batman, but Batman defeats him. Then Puthor himself fights Bataman, but loses to him and his mechanical suit was deactivated. Then, the Justice League dicsovers that there's a nulcearboimb in Metropolis set by The Joker. Luthor confesses that he is the one that gave him the bomb. Very little was said about this world's Lex Luthor afterwards.

[edit] Alternate world

This world's Lex Luthor was also an enemy to Superman. But after Superman kills The Joker and begins to form his empire. Luthor decides to join his long time enemy by funding Superman's empire and supplying his army with the latest in weapons. But this is Lex Luthor on the surface, personally he is still against Superman and has (personally and secretly) joined Batman's rebellion. Both he and Batman had created a special laser weapon powered by Kryptonite in hopes to defeat Superman and end his oppressive empire. As Batman brings in the real world's Justice League to unlock the weapon, Luthor goes to Superman who has recently captured the real world's Batman and analyze his blood to find out what world he came from. But as Superman's imperial enforcers raid the Batcave and destroy Batman's Kryptonite Laser. Luthor gets this news and decides to build his own (integrate it into his own suit). Then, Luthor fights in the battle of Stryker's Island, he then tries to race against missiles which barely hit him, while in New Metropolis where he encounters the real world's Joker and Harley Quinn, he defeats them both but stops Harley from killing the real world's Joker. He then reaches the Hall of Justice where he faces both Hawkgirl and Captain Marvel. After defeating them, and after the Watch Tower is destroyed he shows his true colors and yells to Superman (who can hear him with his super hearing). He tries to use his new Kryptonite laser once Superman is in range, but Captain Marvel regains consciousness and uses his powers to stun Luthor, allowing Superman to defeat Luthor and kill him by strangling him. After Superman's empire came to an end by the real world's Superman, A grave was erected for Luthor as the real world's Cyborg visited before he left for his world.

[edit] Quotes (Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe)

  • "I am the hands-on managerial type. So, I had to see this for myself, and I have to say I am impressed."
  • "I prefer a handshake, but if you insist..."
  • You lack imagnation, Green Lantern you always have. Someone like *ME* should have that ring."
  • "You have brought ruin to the world, *MY WORLD* you have ruined all of my plans and I'm gonna make you pay!!!"
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