Klose Kombat

[edit] Gameplay

Klose Kombat is a completely new aspect of play, introduced in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. By pressing R1 (Playstation 3) or RT (Xbox 360) your character will attempt to engage in Klose Kombat through a grabbing motion which can be blocked along with most attacks. If successful, your character will straighten their enemy up and an interface will appear. This interface is designed as four buttons occupying both bottom corners of the screen, representing the button layout on your conrtoller.

Essentially, Klose Kombat allows you to deliver four hits on your opponent with the chance of being blocked. You can use any of the main controls (Playstation 3: Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square or Xbox 360: Y,B,A,X)and when done the selection you made will appear in your character's corner of the screen, at the same time your opponent will also need to select a button. Once done, the two selection will be compared, and if the attacker had chosen a different button from his opponent, he will strike them with one of the four attacks. However, if both buttons are identical, the defender will "Kounter" the attack, and break Klose Kombat.

The common Circle (or B) Klose Kombat attack.

If successful in striking an opponent, there are four types of main attack including punches, kicks, and mini-grabs.

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