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Home Realm:Edenia
First Appearence:Mortal Kombat 2


[edit] Pre-Mortal Kombat

Kitana is the daughter of the one time rulers of Edenia King Jerod and Queen Sindel. She was no more than just a few years old when Jerod's best warriors lost 10 Mortal Kombat tournaments to Outworld's warriors. As Outworld's Emperor Shao Kahn invades Edenia, he kills Jerod and takes Sindel as his wife. Soon thereafter, Sindel committs suicide, leaving Kitana at the whim of the power hungry Emperor. Kahn takes the infant child of Jerod and Sindel and raises her as her personal assassin. Then, Shang Tsung creates a crotesque Tarkatan clone of Kitana named Mileena in which to be raised along with Kitana who would recognized her (for a time) as her twin sister. Though she would not compete in the Earthrealm tournaments but would do what she can do make her Emperor proud in his own tournament in Outworld.

[edit] Mortal Kombat 2

Several months after the 10th Mortal Kombat in Earthrealm. Kahn attacks Earthrealm with a Tarkatan horde which made the Earthrealm warriors venture to outworld in hopes to face certain death by Kahn himself. Kitana and Mileena were given the task to defend their beloved Emperor at all costs from the Earthrealm warriors. Kitana fought the newly titled champion of Mortal Kombat, Liu Kang, though she would lose to the new champion she would venture on her own to discover her past, she has discovered that she is the princess of her realm of Edenia. Eventually she would meet up with Liu Kang once again along with the other Earthrealm Warriors Johnny Cage, Kung Lao, Raiden and Jax in her quest to defeat Shao Kahn.Kitana would eventually fight her "sister" Mileena and kill her, she then helped Liu Kang defeat the Emperor, but the followers of Kahn rose up against the warriors in revolt, the Earthrealm warriors (in save of Johnny Cage) escaped back to Earthrealm. Kahn would then invade Earthrealm by violating the rules of Mortal Kombat by revivng Kitana's mother Sindel.

[edit] Mortal Kombat 3

Though Kitana would work behind the scenes of Kahn's invasion of Earthrealm, but she was a very valuable ally to Earthrealm as she convinced the revived Sindel that she was once the Queen of her realm and give the Earthrealm warriors the ability to defeat Kahn's forces and eventually Kah himself (by Liu Kang). Kitana greets Liu Kang and thanks him for saving Edenia as well as Earthrealm before the portals closed, it would be a long time before she met with Liu Kang again.

[edit] Mortal Kombat 4

A year after Shao Kahn's failed attempt at taking Earthrealm by force, Kitana spent that year leading her army in an effort to completely liberate Edenia from the last of Shao Kahn's forces. But as her forces ran into trouble, she sends a vision to Liu Kang for assistance. Liu Kang accepts and ventures to Edenia for help, but as Liu Kang arrived in Edenia, the realm was dead and in ruins, believing that Kitana is among the many dead, he discovers that this is the work of scorcerer Quan Chi, Liu Kang chases Quan Chi back to Earthrealm where he joins the rest of Earthrealm warriors and Raiden to defeat the fallen Elder God Shinnok. But Kitana was in fact alive during this event as she was battling her Tarkatan clone Mileena who covets the throne of her realm. but Kitana again defeats Mileena. As Liu Kang defeats Shinnok, Kitana again greets Liu Kang who was surprised to see her. She informs Liu Kang that with the defeat of both Quan Chi and Shinnok he has saved both Edenia and Earthrealm, though Kitana offered Liu Kang a chance to rule Edenia. Liu Kang had to turn her down as he is still the champion of Mortal Kombat and the elder Shaolin monk who must continue the traditions of his Shaolin Temples. She then leaves Liu Kang again to lead her realm to liberate Edenia.

[edit] Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

As Kitana and her people rebuild her once gorgeous realm of Edenia, little does she know (nor does the Earthrealm warriors) that Quan Chi is far from finished, he escaped from the Netherealm and discovered the long, lost invincible army of Onaga, to revive this army he must comsume the souls of defeated warriors. This is when he joined forces with another scorcerer Shang Tsung to help him consume the souls of warriors, they began with Shao Kahn after swearing false allegiance to the Emperor, and then eliminated him. They moved onto Earthrealm where they faced Liu Kang, they defeated and killed the one time champion of Mortal Kombat and savior of both Earthrealm and Edenia. When news was released in Edenia about Liu Kang's killing by the deadly alliance, she ventures to Earthrealm and joins the earthrealm warriors as they try to stop the deadly alliance. Unfortunately, Kitana would also be defeated and killed by the deadly alliance. As Onaga was revived the alliance tried to stop him, then Raiden used all of his energy to kill the Dragon King and his army, the army was no more but Onaga survived.

[edit] Mortal Kombat: Deception

As Onaga survived Raiden's attempt to kill him, he decides to revive the killed Earthrealm warriors and re-animate them to do his bidding, inlcuding Kitana. Re-animated to serve Onaga she kills many innocent people. Then, she was met with both the soul of Liu Kang and Ermac with Ermac's strong fighting skills and the magic that Liu kang's soul produced to his revived friends, they turned back to normal and thanked Liu Kang's soul for saving them. Kitana would stay with Liu Kang's soul and Nightwolf in hopes to find Liu Kang's re-animated body and reunite it with his soul. But the task will become very difficult as armageddon looms large.

[edit] Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

With armageddon imminent Kitana, Nightwolf and the soul of Liu Kang continue to search for Liu Kang's body (which has already caused so much death and destruction). Kitana ventures with Nightwolf and Liu Kang's soul in hopes to find Liu Kang's body which is finding Shang Tsung, but as armageddon arrives she reaches the crator next to the Pyramid of Argus in her own realm of Edenia. She fights well, but her outcome is still a mystery. Taven defeats Blaze and obtains the power of the Elder Gods.

[edit] Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe

"Note:The Story of this game is not considered to be a prt of the original story."

As Shao Kahn was defeated once and for all by Raiden, she ventures to Earthrealm and finds Liu Kang. She tries to test him by attacking him from behind, but Liu Kang notices her. Kitana informs Liu Kang that her forces have mysteriously disappeared (as members of Liu Kang's White Lotus were also disappearing). They believe that either the Lin Kuei or the Black Dragon might be continuing what Shao Kahn left behind. Liu Kang tells Kitana to find Sonya Blade while he goes to find Sub-Zero. As Kitana finds Sonya, she informs Liu Kang that she is venturing to Outworld to find out if there is more about this situation. As Raiden, Liu Kang, Sonya and the rest of the Earthrealm warriors battle the new crisis of their universe merging with the one of the DC Super Heroes, she witnesses the being that is responsible with the merging of the 2universes, Dark Kahn. This new being tears apart Outworld as that realm merges with a planet in the DC Universe known as Apokolips. Eventually, Kitana finds her way out of Outworld/Apokolips and into Metropolis where she meets Wonder Woman, despite her losing to the Queen of Adventure she escapes. Because she had a close encounter with Dark Kahn, she is heavily infulenced by the "Kombat Rage". She then returns to Metropolis where she discovers Scorpion (who is searching for her), she fights but loses to Scorpion, then Quan Chi and Shang Tsung appear and Quan Chi uses his magic to nullify the Rage inside of her. She is taken to Raiden's Sky Temple and tells Raiden about the reason the 2universes are merging and to prove his story he releases his magic and shows the "enraged" Kitana but uses his magic to release her from the rage. The rest of the Mortal Kombatants join forces to defeat the DC heroes and villians. As the Kombatants have mixed success with the DC heroes and villains, Kitana uses her magic to open a portal to Outworld. She realizes that the destruction has gone further and eventually fights against the DC heroes and villains, she fights Wonder Woman again, but whether she defeats her or not is still a mystery. Raiden along with Superman defeat Dark Kahn. Then as the 2 universes sparate, Kitana asks about the being who just appeared, he introduces himself as Darkseid who tried to eliminate the Mortal Kombatants with his Omega vision but fails. Raiden then banishes Darkseid to the Netherealm.

[edit] Mortal Kombat 9

Coming Soon

[edit] Quotes (From Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe)

  • "I guess I shouldn't have underestimted the kombat skills of the White Lotus."
  • "I am not so easily fooled assassin of Outworld, your master snet you to finish me, but this battle will be your last, fight!!!"
  • "I will destroy you all!!!"

[edit] Gameplay

[edit] Special Moves

Fan Throw: Kitana throws her fans at the opponent, slicing their body. In Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, this move acts as an impale move.

Fan Lift: Kitana lifts up her opponent with her fans, leaving them vulnerable to an additional attack or combo.

Square Wave Punch: Kitana does a flying punch, hitting any airborne opponent. This move can also be used as a follow up to her Fan Lift. In Mortal Kombat (2011 game), the move is renamed Square Boost and Kitana throws her body into the opponent instead.

Pretty Kick: Kitana flies to the opponent with a few kicks.

Cutting Fan: Kitana spins her fans around.

[edit] Trivia

  • Kitana was originally intended to be playable in Mortal Kombat 4, but was removed in favor of Tanya. However, her data wasn't completely removed from the game, meaning she can be used with the use of a cheat device. She is later added as a legitimate playable character in the update, Mortal Kombat Gold.

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