The first recruit of Kabal's new Black Dragon Clan

First AppearanceMK: Deception

[edit] About Kira

Debuting in Mortal Kombat: Deception, Kira was the first of Kabals recruits for the new Black Dragon Clan, the second being Kobra. Level headed and calculating while still being able to take great risks, Kira is the perfect counter balance to her fellow hot-blooded and rash recruit, making the basis of the new Black Dragon Clan a solid one. Her move-set and fighting styles come from a mix of Kano and Sonya Blade's.

[edit] Story

Disguised as a man, Kira sold weapons to terrorist organisations in the mountains of Afghanistan. During a sale in a cave, however, Kira's true gender was revealed and in the aftermath she had no choice but to fight for survival. Emerging victorious, she encountered Kabal. He had made it his mission to remake the Black Dragon Clan and after seeing how Kira fought her way to freedom, executing her enemies in a cold and calculated fashion, he was reminded of the Red Dragon Clan, the Black Dragon's rivals. Since the Black Dragon did not have the presence of Kira's type, the former clan members all being hot-headed and rash, Kabal offered to make Kira his first recruit. Kira accepted, fully devoting herself to the new organisation.

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