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Home Realm: Earthrealm
First Appearence: Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance


[edit] Pre-Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Raised from his youth to be a fiercesome fighter, Kenshi Takahashi wandered all over earthrealm to find worthy opponents to fight. But as he encountered a warrior named Song, he convinced Kenshi that a great warrior shouldn't be without a great sword. So Song led Kenshi to an ancient temple that had a powerful sword named Sento and had great power. But by retrieving the sword would also release souls in the well which sealed the well which left him permanently blind. Song was actually Shang Tsung who led Kenshi into a trap. But Sento told Kenshi that it had contained the souls of Kenshi's ancestors. For the next decade, Kenshi trained with Sento and has gained telekinetic and psychic powers from the sword and has enhanced his other senses since his sight was stripped away. With his training complete, he has joined Special Forces.

[edit] Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Kenshi's first mission is to find Cyrax: a former member of the cyberized Lin Kuei. During his mission, he encountered Ermac who taught him to use his powers to slam people. He has also discovered the plans devised by the Deadly Alliance. Unfortunately for Kenshi, he was unaware that a member of the Red Dragon: Hsu Hao nuked the Special Forces base and was unable to contact the faction. Even worse, his presence has been discovered by the Deadly Alliance and sent out the Red Dragon's leader: Mavado to kill him. Kenshi faces the Red Dragon leader, but lost to him.

[edit] Mortal Kombat: Deception

Sometime after Kenshi's defeat to Mavado, he was found by the new Lin Kuei and it's leader Kuai Liang (the young Sub-Zero) and attended to him to bring him back to health. Kenshi allies himself with the Ninja Clan and returns home. But as Shang Tsung dies while trying to kill the Dragon King: Onaga, Sento has gained great strength as the souls Shang Tsung stole from the well Sento sealed return to the sword. With it, he resigns from the Special Forces to be permanently with the Lin Kuei.

[edit] Mortal Kombat Armageddon

Kenshi takes up a new role to hunt down corrupted souls and destroy them. Using darkness as his ally, he has taken down several criminal arganizations. He even intercepts a message from Mavado telling about his desire to capture the Half-God: Taven. But as he was about to infiltrate the faction's underground base, he was stopped by Johnny Cage who asked Kenshi if he can join the Forces of Light to fight against the Forces of Darkness, Kenshi said that he would get back to him later as his mission was more important. As he infiltrates the base, he gets a psychic vision of the events of Armageddon and even the fight between Taven and Daegon (Taven's brother) and the firespawn: Blaze. With this, Sento tells Kenshi to join the Forces of Light in this coming battle. During Armageddon, he fights many warriors including Sheeva by stabbing her in the stomach. He then fights Quan Chi in a huge battle of swords, but it is Quan Chi who wins by gutting the warrior the same way Kenshi killed Sheeva. Whether Taven defeats Blaze, empowering Kahn or Kahn himself defeats the firespawn. Shao Kahn gains great power and merges all realms with Outworld, but Raiden gives himself a message to his past self to try to prevent the events from ever happening.

[edit] Mortal Kombat (2011)

Behind the scenes of the actual game's story, Kenshi was mentioned by Shang Tsung as he has saw a fight between Kenshi and Reiko, the battle was indecisive and both are still alive.

[edit] Mortal Kombat X (Comic Book)

Kenshi has found himself helping out Scorpion overcome his dark past and the things he has done for Quan Chi. Both have joined Special Forces and was given the mission to infiltrate the Red Dragon and find their leader Daegon, but he blows his cover and was on the run. Sonya tells Kenshi that he and his wife: Suchin have a son named Takeda Takahashi and that the Red Dragon has taken them. But as soon as he ventured to thailand (where they were held) Suchin was dead as well as her captors. But Sento helps Kenshi find and rescue Takeda. Kenshi and Takeda head back to Japan and joined up with the Shirai-Ryu so that they can trap the Red Dragon. But as the Red Dragon attack, Kenshi tells Takeda to leave, but as Kenshi fights the Red Dragon, he was struck by an arrow, allowing the member Hsu Hao to defeat him, but Scorpion kills Hsu Hao and saves Kenshi. He then tells Takeda to not fear Scorpion and tells him about what happen to his mother. Kenshi then tells Scorpion about proceeding to find Daegon before telling him to look after his son. But Kenshi was still pursued by the Red Dragon and asked Sonya for extraction, and they meet up in Pakistan. Sonya helps Kenshi fight the Red Dragon and flee. He then journeys to the Kang Shaolin Temple where he meets with Shujinko. He continues to hunt down the Red Dragon until the battle against Quan Chi to revive Shinnok.

[edit] Mortal Kombat X (Video Game)

Kenshi aged

Kenshi joins Johnny Cage and Sonya in their fight against Shinnok. As Scorpion and Sub-Zero attack their helicopter. Kenshi was pushed out, but used Sento to keep him from falling completely. He returns to the helicopter and uses his powers to push out both Scorpion and Sub-Zero. As they approach Raiden's Sky temple, Kenshi fends off the Netherrealm forces as Cage defeats Smoke and Jax. Kenshi senses Sento to find a portal that'll take them to the Sky Temple. They help Raiden and Fujin in their fight against the Netherrealm, but Shinnok defeats Kenshi easily. But the fallen Elder God is defeated by Cage, who allows Raiden to trap the Elder God into the Sacred Amulet. Some time after that, Kenshi is overseeing his son: Takeda in his training with Hanzo Hasashi. Though, Kenshi is happy to see his son but Takeda wasn't much so and tells his father to fight him. After the fight, Kenshi tells Takeda about what happened to his mother: Suchin and his telepathic powers. With it, they go to hunt down and finish the Red Dragon. Around 25 years later, Kenshi's son: Takeda is now a member of Cage's Special Forces team led by his daughter: Cassie Cage after their test at the Lin Kuei temple. Kenshi communicates with Takeda telepathically about not to worry about the Lin Kuei. Kenshi goes with Jax who returns to Special Forces and ventures to the Netherrealm. Again Kenshi hols off the Netherrealm forces as Jax hunts down and captures Quan Chi. But as Hanzo raids the Special Forces base in order to kill Quan Chi, Kenshi tries to communicate with Hanzo to not kill Quan Chi, but fails as the Ninja kills the scorcerer and accidently allows Shinnok to return. Kenshi remains at the base as Cassie's team defeats Shinnok.

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