Home Realm:Unknown
First appearence:Injustice:Gods Among Us


[edit] Story

Sheira Sanders was the gorgeous wife of Archaeologist Carter Hall (AKA Hawkman). Wanting to help her husband in any way, She has taken spare Nth metal wings her husband uses and assumes her husband's identity of Hawkman. Eventually, Sheira made her own identity and became Hawkgirl. What she will soon discover that she is the direct descendant of the famed Egyptian Princess Chay-Ara (hence the reason why her husband married her). It was discovered by her Husband that Chay-Ara was also the love interest of the famed Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu. Both Khufu and Chay-Ara were murdered by Hath-Set who used a knife made from the Nth metal. But the metal's magic has caused both Khufu and Chay-Ara to reincarnate every generation. Carter Hall and Sheira Sanders are the current reincarnation of those Egyptian warriors.

[edit] Injustice: Gods Among Us

[edit] Real world

Hawkgirl was fighting alongside the Justice League that are fighting the Injustice League in Metropolis. She helps Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Womanand Green lantern fight against Doomsday, Ares and Sinestro. After they defeat the Injustice League at Metropolis. The Joker with Harley Quinn arm a nuclear bomb in Metropolis Park. Hawkgirl rushed with Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and The Flash to stop the bomb. then, as Batman tries to stop The Joker from detonating the nuclear bomb, they transport to the alternate world. This version of Hawkgirl wasn't heard of since.

[edit] Alternate World

After Superman mistakenly kills Lois Lane and destroys Metropolis and then kills The Joker out of retribution, he goes on to form the One earth Empire. Hawkgirl is one of the empire's reinforcers. Her first appearance is at Arkham Asylum and encounters the real world Joker (mistaking him for her world's Joker) she fights the crazed clown and loses to him. After the real world Justice league liberate the Asylum, Hawkgirl and the imperial forces retreat back to Superman's fortress center. Hawkgirl then encounters Lex Luthor who covets her Nth metal belt, but she refuses to give it to him and fights him, but also loses to Luthor. After the One Earth Empire falls under the victor of the real world Superman, Hawkgirl was taken in and imprisoned by Batman's rebellion.

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