First Appearence:Mortal Kombat: Mortal Kombat: Deception

[edit] Mortal Kombat: Deception

Havik has never established his alignment between good or evil, he always lingers on which side offers him the means to extend his personal goal. Havik comes from the Chaosrealm where he is known as the "Cleric of Chaos" and has always been a rival to order and prosperity, instead, seeking to enflame turmoil wherever he travels. In Deception, he opposed Onaga, fearing that the king would finally bring order to the universe, and so opposed him.

Havik was also responsible for the resurrection of the Black Dragon clan. During his schemes to bring a halt to Onaga's forces, the cleric came across Kabal, who was deeply wounded at the time, forsaking his clan. Havik cleansd the wounds of the fallen warrior, and convinced him to rebuild the clan, maintaining a plausible ammount of chaos that would soon unravel due to its re-establishment.

Now, within the ranks of the clan, Havik could set his plan to motion. He, the clan, with new recruit; Kira and Kobra, travelled into Outworld where they would lure the warriors of light to come and face the dragon king. They did exactly what he expected, and then, when the battle was all but finished, Havik strove to consume Onaga's heart, granting him the godly powers of resurrecting the dead.

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