Harley Quinn

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Home Realm:Unknown
First Appearence:Injustice: Gods Among Us


[edit] Story

A criminal psychologist who worked in Arkham Asylum. Harleen Quinzel was given the job of observing and examining the behavior of Gotham's most dangerous criminals: The Joker. But as she was observing the criminal, she felt a sense of love for her patient. That love soon turned into obsession as she killed her fellow psychologist with Joker Venom. She was put into the Asylum she worked at, she eventually escapes to be with The Joker. Harleen then becomes a super criminal herself to further express her obsession with The Joker, and by using the title 'Harlequin' she taken up the persona: Harley Quinn. She commits crimes alongside with her man and even fights against Batman.

[edit] Injustice: Gods Among Us

[edit] Real World

As the rest of the Injustice League was defeated by the Justice League. The Joker along with Harley Quinn have set a Nuclear bomb in the center of Metropolis in hopes to destroy the city. But as Batman transports to Metropolis to stop The Joker from completing his objective. The Joker tells Harley to step back while The Joker settles his score with Batman. Then Batman, The Joker and some other members of the Justice League were transported to the alternate world. Not much is known about Harley Quinn.

[edit] Alternate World

As Superman kills The Joker and forms the One Earth empire. Harley Quinn was devastated over the death of The Joker. In honor of the man she loves, Harley forms a criminal faction called The Joker Corp. they worship The Joker as a hero and has comitted crimes and some acts of terrorism to Superman's One Earth empire. However, Harley also secretly formed an uneasy alliance with Batman's rebellion as the 2 factions have a common enemy in the One Earth empire. She receives word about the fight between the real world's Batman and The Joker. Harley ventures to Gotham to investigate, she finds The Joker (not believing that he is another world's Joker). When she loses to The Joker, she realizes that he is The Joker and takes him back to The Joker Corp. As The One Earth Empire attacks Arkham Asylum she fights against imperial troops. The Joker and the real world's Justice League help her liberate the Asylum. Batman tells Harley to lay low and avoid more encounters with the One Earth empire. She and The Joker then venture to New Metropolis and find Luthor. The Joker tells Harley to defeat luthor and give him his cybernetic suit, but she loses to Luthor. The Joker then scolds Harley for her failure and tries to kill her, but Luthor saves Harley by defeating The Joker. Then, Harley attempts to kill The Joker, but Luthor stops her. Then, the Corp. comes in and tries to kill Luthor but Harley tlls them to stand down and convince them that he's on their side and not The Joker. After the One Earth Empire crumbles, she helps the real world's Justice League apprehend The Joker and take him back to his world.

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