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Green Lantern
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Home Realm:Unknown
First Appearence:D.C. Action Comics


[edit] Story

Since the beginning of time. The guardians of the Universe have protected their respected universe with their own secret "Green Lantern Corp." Operating on a strange area known as "OA". The Green Lantern Corp consists of beings from all over the universe to bear rings of the Green Lantern Corp symbol, which gives the being the ability to use super strength. The only known human who is a member of the Green Lantern Corp. is former U.S. Air Force pilot Hal Jordan.

When Hal Jordan was just a kid, he witnessed for himself the death of his father while on a training exercise. Hal spends most of his life to overcome his fears, while on a mission, Hal has saved a being who was a member of the Green Lantern Corp. While he beared the ring of this being, it brought him to OA where he met the Guardians of the Universe. By knowing his actions, the Guardians made Hal the first Earthling Green Lantern Corp. member. He has helped not only his home planet of Earth, but his fellow Corp. members anywhere else in the Universe, even against the Guardians' arch-enemy Sinestro.

[edit] Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe

Green Lantern helped Superman and his fellow member of the Justice League against their arch-enemy, Darkseid. After Darkseid was defeated by Superman, Green Lantern went back to the U.N. Orbital Space Station, but Green Lantern is having problems with his ring (he believes that Darkseid mught have damaged it). After Batman defeats Liu Kang in Gotham City, Green Lantern helps Batman escort Liu Kang to the U.N. Space Station, he then searches for Superman but was sidetracked after Captain Marvel's fight with Sonya but as he fights Sonya, he loses but Captain Marvel saves him and they go back to the U.N. Space Station. But as the returns to the Space Station, Captain Marvel (heavily influenced by the Kombat Rage) goes on a rampage and Green Lantern is having a hard time containing him, but as Wonder Woman comes to Green Lantern's aid, Captain Marvel tries to eliminate Green Lantern but (unbeknownst to Wonder Woman) is taken to OA, where the Guardians of the Universe tell him of a new crisis, that is when Lex Luthor and Catwoman appear. Green Lantern (for reasons unknown) knows Lex Luthor as Lex lectures the Guardians and then (influenced by the Kombat Rage) fights Green Lantern who wins against Lex. Then, the Guardians tell them more about the crisis and charges Green Lantern's ring and heads back to Earth with Lex and Catwoman and returns the 2 villians to Metropolis and heads back to the U.N. Space Station where he meets Jax and defeats him, and meets up with Sonya again and defeats her this time. He then, meets up with Captain Marvel again, who Green Lantern suspects that he will attack again, but Captain Marvel says that he's under control now, after telling him that he's returning to the Rock of Eternity, Green Lantern stays at the U.N. Space Station. As he meets up with Superman again, Green Lantern joins Superman as they head to the Fortress of Solitude where they meet Liu Kang and Shang Tsung, Green Lantern fights the Shaolin Monk while Superman faces the scorcerer, Green Lantern loses to Liu Kang but as Shang Tsung defeats Liu Kang, Green Lantern revives and knocks out the Shaolin Monk and then faces Shang Tsung but was defeated. After he and Superman revive, they head to the Special Forces base where they use the teleportal to go to Apockalips, they meet the Mortal Kombat fighters again and faces Liu Kang again but loses to the Shaolin Monk (again). As both [[Raiden and Suerman defeat Dark Kahn, they appear in Darkseid's throne room where they meet Shao Kahn, and Superman banishes Kahn to the Phantom Zone.

[edit] Injustice: Gods Among Us

[edit] Real World

Green Lantern was fighting alongside the Justice League when the Injustice League led by Doomsday was attacking Metropolis. He fights Sinestro along with other villains. But once he receives word from Batman about The Joker activating a Nuclear Bomb in Metropolis, he heads there as fast as he can. But what he'll soon realize that he and some of his fellow Justice League members will be transported to an alternate world where that world's Batman needs their help. As he and his fellow Justice League members venture to the alternate world's Gotham City. He heads toward a military installation that can allow him to charge his ring. But as the arrives, he hears what he thinks is Raven and Cyborg but will soon realize that they're torturing the alternate world's Deathstroke. Green lantern saves Deathstroke by defeating both Raven and Cyborg, but Deathstroke escpaes before Green Lantern can help him. He then ventures back to Gotham where he fights the alternate world's Sinestro. He then meets his alternate world's counterpart (known as Yellow Lantern) and is shocked and disgusted to find out that his counterpart has joined Sinestro, nevertheless Green Lantern defeats Yellow Lantern and helps Wonder Woman and Green Arrow as they were found by the alternate world's Batman and decide to join him in his rebel cause. As they go to Stryker's Island to rescue the real world's Batman, Green Lantern fights against the alternate world's Superman, it was enough to free the real world Batman. After the real world's Superman defeats the alternate world's Superman and ends his empire, Green Lantern goes to the alternate world's OA and turns in Sinestro and his counterpart.

[edit] Alternate World

After Superman kills The Joker for tricking him into killing his wife Lois Lane and destroy Metropolis in the process. Green Lantern has a hard time who he should fight for. But by realizing that Superman's empire is very powerful (and with Sinestro forming an alliance with Superman) Green Lantern decides to join the Sinestro Corp. and becomes the Yellow Lantern. As the real world Justice league was brought to this world by Batman, Yellow Lantern goes to Gotham City with Sinestro. He then encounters his real world counterpart: Green Lantern. But he was defeated by his counterpart. But returns to Gotham City with Hawkgirl to capture the real world's Batman (believing to be his world's Batman) and imprisons him at Stryker's Island, but Superman finds out that it isn't their world's Batman. After Superman kills Lex Luthor and discovers that people are ungrateful for his empire, he decides to wage war on mankind. Though he witnesses Superman's killing of Captain Marvel, but shruggs it off as a "casualty of war", but this disgusts the alternate world's The Flash, Yellow Lantern tries to prevent The Flash's defection but fails as he loses to The Flash. As the real world Superman ventures to this world and defeats Black Adam, he also defeats Sinestro and strips him of his ring. Watching him defeat Sinestro, Yellow Lantern decides to surrender his ring to Superman. He then was taken back to OA by the Green Lantern alongside Sinestro as his world's Superman's empire fell by the hands of the real world's Superman.

[edit] Quotes

"Great. Out-of-control, magical alien god powers."

"Don't try it lady. Things have changed since the last time we've faced off."

"Hey, Cap."

"You want a finish? You got it!!!"

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