Free Falling

[edit] Gameplay

Free Falling is a totally new addition to current Mortal Kombat gameplay, intorduced in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Most maps in the newest game have been designed to make them have multiple levels of height; each level will have boundaries. These boundaries are often panes of glass, wooden structures, or even concrete walls.

Batman and Sub Zero engaged in a Free Fall session.

When a kombatant is forced into the boundaries at great strength it will break and both fighters will be thrown into Free Falling mode. Very similar to Klose Kombat Free falling will require players to each select a button choices at rapid intervals, a meter will also be present on the left hand side of the screen. The character who initiated the attack will start off on top, the objective being the fighter on top when you both hit the ground. During free fall, you can also increase the ammount of damage sustained by striking with the action buttons (Playstation 3: Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square or Xbox 360: Y,B,A,X) but if the other player manages to "Kounter the onslaught by choosing the same button as the attacker, they will switch places with the character on top. Damage is calculating on the damage meter, and can reach a maximum of 30% damage. Also if the meter reaches over three quarters full, the attacker can unleash a special free fall attack, which instantly results in them winning the free fall.

Free Fall Stages This is a list of all the stages in Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe that include Free Fall Kombat:

Apokolips The Batcave The Fortress of Solitude Gotham City The Graveyard Netherrealm Dan Senate UN Space Station Special Forces Temple Throne Room

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