Realm Type:Resourceful
Known Beings:Humans


[edit] Story

Earthrealm (or known to most humans as simply "Earth") is a very lively realm full of resources, good air, water, and lots of food. It is quite arguable that Earthrealm is very desirable for other realm beings. For 10,000 years, the Emperor of Outworld Shao Kahn had long desired to conquer Earthrealm. But of course, he first tried to conquer the realm through Mortal Kombat, and after his realm won 9 in a row he felt that Earthrealm will be his for the taking. But when the 10th generation tournament came, his plans were halted as Shaolin Monk Liu Kang defeated the champion Goro and its originator Shang Tsung. He then lead an attack against those who survived the tournament with his army of Tarkatans, this was the act that was supposed to lead the Earthrealm warriors into a trap set by Shang Tsung. But again, the Earthrealm warriors emerged victorious with Liu Kang defeating Kahn himself. This also angered Kahn enough where he broke the sacred rules of Mortal Kombat and merge Earthrealm with Outworld. But, again was foiled by the Earthrealm warriors. It would not be until another few years that Earthrealm will once again be in danger, but this time it will not be from Outworld, but from the Netherealm, when scorcerer Quan Chi released fallen Elder God, Shinnok, but also failed against the Earthrealm warriors. Perhaps the biggest blow dealt to Earthrealm is when Quan Chi allied with Shang Tsung and both eliminated Liu Kang (who was considered Earthrealm's most powerful warrior). During the cirsis by the Deadly Alliance, and then Onaga, the earthrealm did whatever they can to defend their precious realm. Eventually, Liu Kang's soul free his friends and were able to stop Onaga.

[edit] The Realm & Its beings

Earthrealm is like what the inhabitants know it is. Unlike in the other realms, magic is virtually non-exsistant. But through human ingenuity, humans created the ability to Kombat the nearly invincibility of the other beings with their magic and scheer physical strength. Jax for instance, has came up with the idea of using cybernetics and electronic stimulation systems toincrease the muscle capacity of humans limbs hundered-fold, as he came up by cybernizing both of his arms. Which is powerful to even the strongest of fighters from other realms. Some human fighters rely entirely on human technology (like Stryker). Human Technology can even duplicate the magic of scorcerers. As Jax and Sonya founded the Outerworld Investigation Agency, they devised a mechanism to open portals which allows them to venture to anywhere in either earthrealm or another realm entirely.

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[edit] Known Natives

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