Home Realm:Unknown
First Appearence:Injustice: Gods Among Us


[edit] Story

Born in the early stages of Krypton's life. This nameless being was created by Berton to show that he is the strongest being in the universe. With the ability to reincarnate every time he dies, this being is practically immortal. He was eventually captured and imprisoned in a body-sized capsule. He would float in outer space for a long time until he crashed into Earth. His actions on Earth would lead to his name: Doomsday. He then attacks Metropolis which catches the attention of Superman, they fought in an epic clash with both beings dying at each other's hands. Since then, both Doomsday and Superman were re-born and ocassionally fight against one another.

[edit] Injustice Gods Among Us

[edit] Real World

As the Justice League in Metropolis fights the Injustice League to save the city. Doomsday then comes in to fight against the Justice League. But Superman fights him and they take their fight to outer space. Superman defeats him and sends him to the far reaches of outer space.

[edit] Alternate World

After Superman kills The Joker and forms his One Earth empire, Doomsday was thrown into the Phantom Zone by Superman in hopes to use him against any kind of resistance, unfortunately for Superman Doomsday resists the effects. Superman then creates a special collar that will allow him to control Doomsday. After Superman kills Lex Luthor and concludes that the people of the world don't appriciate the empire, he launches an attack on Mankind and releases Doomsday on the world. As the real world's Superman comes to the alternate world, he fights and defeats the alternate Doomsday and sends him into the Phantom Zone.

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