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[edit] General Info

Once a tough, rugged soldier of the United States Military, Slade Wilson became highly decorated as he served in many operations for his country's military. Then, Slade's son Grant was brutally attacked by a mysterious group of teenagers. Unable to pay for an operation that could've saved his son's life, Slade decides to act revenge on those who took his on away from him. Slade then took part in a special experiment that would enhance his abilities. But his participation didn't sit well with his wife who tried to kill him, but the fight Slade had with his wife cost him his right eye. With nothing else to live for, Slade decides to become a mercenary who would do jobs for the highest bidder under the name Deathstroke. Soon, he would discover the organization that killed his beloved son: The Teen Titans. He swears revenge on the Teen Titans.

[edit] Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe

After Darkseid's invasion on Metropolis was stopped by Superman. Deathstroke ventured what is left of Metropolis and encountered a man that was supposedly to pay him off, but Deathstroke kills him for not paying him sooner. Then, he encounters The Flash who defeats him in battle and leaves him to the police. Though, Deathstroke would eventually escape capture as the universal crisis escalates. He then ventured to Gotham City where he encounters Sub-Zero, again Deathstroke is defeated. He then was met by Catwoman and Lex Luthor who are rounding up the members of the Injustice League (including The Joker). As the Injustice League meet Superman and Captain Marvel and discover the universal crisis and the Kombat Rage, Luthor tells Deathstroke and The Joker to infiltrate the base of the Outerworld Investigation Agency. But they were in a Graveyeard where they encounter Sonya and Kano, they mistakenly transport to OA and fight the MK warriors. Deathstroke faces Kano while The Joker fights Sonya. With The Joker defeating Sonya, he becomes under the influence of Kombat Rage, he pushes Deathstroke aside to defeat Kano. Then, they teleport back to the graveyard where Deathstroke was defeated by The Joker. Then as they head to Apokolips, they meet the warriors of the Mortal Kombat universe. But Deathstroke was defeated in the huge fight between the warriors.

[edit] Injustice: Gods Among Us

[edit] Real World

In this world, Deathstroke is a part of the Injustice League. He sets a trap for Batman by using The Joker's prison cell as a diversion against the attack for Batman. He fights Batman and loses. Little was known afterwards about Deathstroke.

[edit] Alternate World

After Superman kills The Joker out of retribution for making him kill his wife Lois Lane and destroy Metropolis, he forms his own Empire while Batman (an enemy to Superman's empire) forms his own rebellion in hopes to bring Superman's Empire down. Deathstroke becomes a lone soldier. But when he was encounters Raven and Cyborg, they torture him for his refusal to join Superman's empire, he then was rescued by the real world's Green Lantern, but Deathstroke escapes before Green Lantern can help him. Then, at night in a new Metropolis, Deathstroke meets up with Lex Luthor (though helps Superman's empire, but has joined Batman's rebellion in secret) and has told him that he has finally decided to side with Batman's rebellion to act revenge on the empire who tried to had him killed. Then, as the real world Cyborg crosses over to this world, Batman tells both Cyborg and Deathstroke to infiltrate the Watch Tower by heading to the Hall of Justice where they can teleport to the Watch Tower, after Cyborg defeats the alternate world's Catwoman and his alternate world countepart both him and Deathstroke head to the Watch Tower. Deathstroke decides to move on with his own objective which is to destroy the Watch Tower. Deathstroke defeats Captain Marvel and The Flash before he overloads the Watch Tower's reactor core, both he and Cyborg escape the Watch Tower. Then, Deathstroke goes to a military installation and faces both Killer Frost and Wonder Woman and defeats them. Once the real world Superman topples the alternate world's Superman's empire, Deathstroke helps imprison Superman's followers. Catagory: Character Page

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