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Home Realm:Gotham
First Appearance:Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe


[edit] General Info

Raised at an orphanage in Gotham City, Selena Kyle lived her life in the backstreets of Gotham. With looks that made her irresistible, she lived most of her teenage life as a prostitute. As she grew older, she deicdes to leave the prostitution world and live a life of thievery. With the abilities of a natural Olympic gymnast and impressive street fighting skills, Selena becomes one of Gotham's most clever thieves. Selena also has an unconditional love for cats, giving her alter ego: Catwoman. But with her encounter with Batman has somewhat made Selena turn over a new leaf (as she's in love with Bruce Wayne, and especially when she discovered his true indentity). Though, she would occasionally return to her life of crime, but would never let it get in the way of her love for Bruce Wayne. She would also serve as an occasional informant for Batman when she gets information on some of Gotham's other dangerous criminals.

[edit] Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe

During the merging of the 2 universes, Catwoman has stolen some jewel from unknown origins. Thopugh she was discovered by The Flash who fights and defeats her, then they encounter Kano who tries to take the jewel, but Catwoman takes it from Kano and then (accidentally) escapes through a portal. She ventures into the world of Mortal Kombat and into the command center of the Outerworld Investigation Agency where she ecnounters Sonya who fights and defeats her and was imprisoned into the cell of the O.I.A. However, Lex Luthor helped her out of her cell and they were transported to OA (the home of the guardians and the Green Lantern Corp.) where they meet Green Lantern who fights and defeats Luthor. After hearing from The Guardians about the crisis they're currently facing, they head back to Earth where Green Lantern takes them back to Metropolis where Luthor tries to form a team of his own. Catwoman was one of the first to join Luthor along with Deathstroke and The Joker. As they meet up with Superman and Captain Marvel they discover about the "Kombat Rage" and find a way to stop it. Luthor asks Deathstroke and The Joker to find the O.I.A. base and find their teleportal while Luthor and Catwoman try to find the Earthrealm warriors. At the Wu-Shi Academy, Catwoman and Luthor encounter Scorpion and Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero freezes their legs but Luthor breaks free and defeats the 2 warriors and then frees Catwoman, they head to the O.I.A. base where Luthor downleads the schematics for the teleportal while Catoman surveys the base. Once Luthor gets his revenge on Jax for their fight earlier, The Flash defeats Catwoman as he escapes his prison cell. After Luthor defeats The Flash (thus snapping out of his influence under the Kombat Rage) they head to Apokolips with the Justice League where they discover that Apokolips had brutally collided with Outworld and discover that Earth will be next if they don't stop the crisis. As the DC universe encounters the Mortal Kombatants, they give in to the Kombat Rage by Dark Kahn, Catwoman is defeated presumably by Sonya. Catwoman returns to Darkseid's palace after the 2 universes separated.

[edit] Injustice: Gods Among Us

[edit] Real World

This world's Catwoman is on the side of the Injustice League. She accompanies Lex Luthor as they attack the Watch Tower. But, their attack was reflected by the part of the Justice League led by Batman and was taken back to Gotham to be imprisoned.

[edit] Alternate World

After Superman mistakenly kills his wife Lois Lane (believing to be Doomsday while under the influence of a drug infused by The Joker]]) and destroyed Metropolis via a Nuclear bomb, he kills The Joker out of retribution. As Superman forms his global empire and Batman forms his rebellion, Catwoman initially joined Batman's rebellion against Superman's empire. But as Superman's empire continued to tighten it's grip on the world, Catwoman felt that there was no beating this new empire and defects from Batman's rebellion to join Superman's empire. During Batman's raid on Stryker's Island (where the real world Batman is being held) she and Nightwing (Damian Wayne) are to stop them. At first, she tried to convince to Batman that she defected from his rebellion to protect him, but Batman refuses to believe her and they fight, she would be defeated by Batman. After the Real world Superman topples the alternate world's Superman's empire, she was imprisoned along with the other members of Superman's empire.

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