Cassie Cage

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Home Realm:Earthrealm
First AppearanceMortal Kombat X

[edit] Story

[edit] Pre-Mortal Kombat X

Cassandra Carlton Cage is the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya. Living in the high end part of Los Angeles with her famous father, and wanting attention from her workaholic mother she desperately wants to get into the special forces. While training, she met Jaqualine Briggs and considers her a friend and sparring partner as they spar often (and sometimes in her father's apartment) and they also go out at night to underground fight pits in LA, as she signs up, she basks in the glory of her recent victories, until the Lin Kuei assassin Frost comes in and defeats Cassie.But as Frost is about to finish Cassie, she revives and defeats the assassin, but as the crowd wanted Cassie to kill her opponent, she refuses at first but not until Cassie was infuriated by the crowd, and just as she was about to kill Frost, the fight pit's ceiling partially collapsed as the pit was attacked by the Black Dragon led by Jarek. Cassie and Jaqui were fleeing from their pursuers until they were sucked into a portal that led them to Outworld, and were caught by other Black Dragon members. During their captivity, Cassie and Jaqui tried to fake to be injured as the Black Dragon were preoccupied fighting the Red Dragon over the 2 girls. As the 2 clans fight, they were freed by the mercenary: Erron Black, who planned for them to get captured agrees to help them escape if they fight. As Jaqui fights Erron Black, Cassie fights with Red Dragon clan members, in the end Kano comes in and defeats Jaqui and tries to take an object called the Portal Stone from Erron Black, then the leader of the Red Dragon: Mavado uses his hookswords to defeat Erron Black. This in turn becomes a fight against Cassie and Mavado, Cassie wins and uses one of his hookswords to kill him. Soon after, Cassie and Jaqui were captured by the Red Dragon and brought to Shang Tsung's island where they meet Reiko and Havik. Havik asks Cassie if she had the power that her father possessed, but Cassie says that she doesn't. Cassie then is thrown in a cell. As her cell door opens, she realizes that Jaqui is trying to kill her, she then realizes that Jaqui is under a spell by Skarlet who tells Cassie that the only way she'll be saved by the Blood Code which is in the Kamidogu. Cassie uses the weapon and attacks Skarlet with it, but by doing so Cassie (like Jaqui) falls under the influence of the Blood Code. As Cage and Sonya arrive on Shang Tsung's island, they discover that Cassie is under the Blood Code's influence and attacked them. But as she fights her mother, she receives visons of Raiden destroying everything. Then, Havik has Cassie join him in a ritual that'll make Reiko a god. But Cassie would use the Kamidogu on Reiko which makes him a god. Some time after, Cassie and Jaqui were freed from the Blood Code and went home with Cassie's parents.

[edit] Mortal Kombat X

After her parents separated due to her mother's workaholic attitude and her promotion to General. She joins Special Forces and becomes a member on her father's team. The other members consist of Jaqui, a Shaolin Monk named Kung Jin and a Shirai-Ryu ninja named Takahashi Takeda who is the son of Kenshi. Their first mission is to head to the Lin Kuei Temple where they meet Sub-Zero who isn't very hospitable with their presence, after a fight which Kung Jin started,Sub-Zero defeats Kung Jin and has the team at his mercy, but when Cassie pleas to Sub-Zero to not kill them, he complies, and they see Johnny Cage coming in. Symbolizing that Sub-Zero's attitude and the fight was just a test for their skills and determination, they show promise but they need to fight as one if they are to be successful. Once they get back to HQ, Sonya informs them that she has interrogated a woman from Outworld named Li Mei who informs them that Mileena who believes that she should rule Outworld after the death of Shao Kahn has possession of Shinnok's Amulet but doesn't understand the true nature of its power, and even destroyed Li Mei's village. Sonya gives Cassie and her team the job to go to Outworld and find Mileena before she does more damage with the Amulet. Once in Outworld, they encounter Erron Black (who now works for the rebel leader Kotal Kahn who wishes to take over Outworld). After a heated argument, Kung Jin tells Erron Black to take them to his boss, he complies. Once there, Kung Jin causes trouble again and fights Erron Black and wins. Due to Kung Jin's fights, Kotal Kahn believes that they are conspiring against him and are fighting for Mileena, but Kung Jin then demands a "Trial by Kombat" against Kotal Kahn with Kung Jin winning, making Kotal Kahn believing them and joins forces with them to try to bring down Mileena for good. After Sonya informs Cassie's team that she has interrogated Kano who tells her that Mileena is in the Kuatan Jungle. Cassie goes with a bug-like being named D'Vorah, as they arrive Cassie was ambushed by Tanya and a fight between Tanya and D'Vorah ensues, as D'Vorah defeats both Tanya and Mileena, Cassie stops D'Vorah from killing them. As both Cassie and D'Vorah retrieve the Sacred Amulet, Mileena once again attacks with D'Vorah stopping her and subduing the Tarkatan creation. As Mileena was brought back to Kotal Kahn, D'Vorah kills her with her bugs.But as Cassie and her team begin to walk out with the Amulet, Kotal Kahn stops them and shows his true colors. He has them imprisoned on a ship, as Takeda subdues the guard and frees them, they make their escape. They learn that D'Vorah now has the Amulet and intends to use it to free Shinnok. As Jax defeats Quan Chi's revenant squad and capture the sorcerer, Cassie tells her mother that they are going after D'Vorah but Sonya instst that they return to base as it's under attack by the Shirai-Ryu led by Scorpion (now Hanzo Hasashi) who fights Sonya and Quan Chi, killing the latter out of retribution for killing his family. Hanzo then informs Cassie and her team that her father has been taken by D'Vorah to the Sky Temple where Earthrealm's energy force : The Jinsei is. But as they arrive at the frozen forest, Shinnok's forces try to defend the temple as Shinnok corrupts the Jinsei. Knowing that time is running out. Cassie and her team venture to the Sky Temple with help from the Lin Kuei. At the temple Cassie fights Kitana and Sindel, defeating them both. As she and Kung Jin reach the Jinsei Chamber, Cassie fights D'Vorah as Kung Jin helps Raiden purify the Jinsei. After Cassie defeats D'Vorah, she tries to free her father, but was stopped by a Corrupt Shinnok with enhanced power from the Jinsei. Despite this, Cassie wins over the former Elder God. She then helps Kung Jin place Raiden into the Jinsei to purify it, with the Jinsei purified, Earthrealm is saved.She then leaves with both her parents.

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