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First Appearence;Injustice: Gods Among Us


[edit] Story

Bane was born of Latino Prisoners that were incarcerated at a South American prison of Peña Duro. After his parents died, the other inmates tried to kill him by throwing him off the prison walls and into the shark infested waters, he survived somehow. Deep within the prison, Bane educated himself in any books he could find and even built himself physically in the prison's gym. As Bane reached manhood, the prison warden chosen him to become a test subject for a powerful but dangerous drug called Venom. This experiment turned Bane into the embodiment of a potentially unstoppable being. He eventually escaped from Peña Duro and wanted to fight against Batman whom he has heard of in Prison. His first couurse of action is to free several inmates of Arkham Asylum to lure Batman into a trap he set up for him. Batman fights Bane who proved to be a formidable opponent and eventually severely injured Batman's back. Believing that he "broke the Bat", bane goes on to lay waste to Gotham. But Batman recovers enough to fight him again and defeats him by cutting off his valves.

[edit] Injustice: Gods Among Us

[edit] Real World

Banme was a part of the injustice League that attacked the Watch Tower. As Batman arrives from Arkham Asylum via Lex Luthor's teleportal, Luthor himself sends Bane after him, but he is defeated by Batman. Bane was taken in and imprisoned after Batman and the rest of the Justice League liberated the Watch Tower.

[edit] Alternate World

After Superman kills the The Joker out of retribution for mistakenly killing Lois Lane and destroying Metropolis, he forms the One earth Empire. Bane became one of the Empire's enforcers who was rehabilitated in The Phantom Zone which added to his already brutish strength. Bane encounters Wonder Woman and fights against her, but loses. After the One Earth Empire falls, Bane is imprisoned along with his followers.

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