Sub Zero

Years after being defeated by the earthrealm warriors, the original Sub Zero's brother Noob Saibot disappeared for a while. But Sub Zero became himself the master of the Lin Kuei clan and he's determined to help the earthrealm warriors and their mentor Raiden to protect their realm. The Lin Kuei became later on a foe of the ninja specter Scorpion as Scorpion was falsy convinced that he was the murderer of his ancestors. But it seems like Sub Zero has no intention of letting evil take over him or over the earthrealm and will do anything to prevent it.

[edit] Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

During the game, Sub-Zero plays many roles in the outcome of the final events. At first, before any of the fighters know the true reason of the disturbance between universes, the Lin Kuei are suspected to be the culprits for the starnge happenings, but Sub Zero is quick in coming to the conclusion, after fighting many bouts with the likes of Scorpion, that the merging is being caused by beings from an alternate universe. He pledges his powers to his fellow Kombatants and even tries to infiltrate their stronghold to get to the bottom of the mystery. He even encounters Superman in one instance, and after intense fighting, Sub Zero defeats Superman by coating him in layer upon layer of ice.

After the crossover between the two universes, Sub Zero's Arcade Ending details what he did afterwards. It says that he was inspired by one of the otherworldy invaders who donned a cape, who fought and trained in solitude. Sub Zero then goes on to alternate his costume, including a long drawn black cape, and his Arcade artwork shows him perched atop a building watching over the city below, just like Batman...

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