Mortal Kombat 3

Released in 1995. This game featured alot of new features, which included Animalites, in which a character can transform into an animal and finish off his/her opponent.


[edit] Plot

Shao Kahn, frustrated by a series of failed attempts to take over Earthrealm, he comes up with another plan, that is to revive his queen, Sindel, whcih will allow Kahn to break the Elder Gods' sacred rules of Mortal Kombat and take the Earthrealm. Sindel was revived and Kahn nvaded the Earthrealm, with the magic he used, he merged both Earthrealm and Outworld, and to consume the souls of the people of the enitre realm. However, his magic did not work on the chosen warriors that would represent earthrealm in the fight against Shao Kahn. Kahn also ordered the deaths of other people that resisted Kahn's magic, the earthrealm must defeat Kahn and his forces and save the Earthrealm.

[edit] Game Modes

[edit] Roster

[edit] New characters

[edit] Returning characters

[edit] Bosses

[edit] Secret Characters

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