Elder Sub Zero/Noob Saibot

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Home Realm:Earthrealm
First Appearence:Mortal Kombat (as Sub-Zero)
Mortal Kombat II (as Noob Saibot)


[edit] Story (As Sub-Zero)

[edit] Pre-Mortal Kombat

The Elder Sub-Zero (his real name is Bi-Han) was born from a father who came from Outworld and a mother from Earthrealm. His father was a human-type being that belonged to the now extinct race known as "Cryomancers", these beings can harness the cold elements and encase any object they touch into ice. As his father died his mother moved to China, where he has trained in many types of martial arts. As he became of age, Sub-Zero and his brother Kuai Liang (also Sub-Zero) joined the secret ninja assassin clan called "Lin-Kuei". Where he had performed many missions for the clan. Then, he was given a job by the scorcerer Quan Chi to retrieve an artifact known as the Sacred Amulet. Sub-Zero went on a journey to retrieve this amulet. Then, he faced with a ninja named Hanzo Hasashi (later to be known as Scorpion) from the rival clan the Shirai-Ryu, who is also coveting the amulet. Sub-Zero defeated Hanzo and then killed him. After fighting the Earthrealm gods (such as Fujin) and others, he would obtain the Sacred Amulet and he would send it to the fallen elder god Shinnok. Then, Raiden scalded Sub-Zero for giving the Amulet to Shinnok and told him to recover it from the elder god, so Raiden sent Sub-Zero to the Netherealm. There, he met with a female ninja and Quan Chi's assistant Sareena, together they fought their way to catch up to Shinnok. But the elder god tried to use it against Sub-Zero. But Shinnok did not know that the Amulet that Sub-Zero gave him was an exact duplicate of the artifact. So, both Sub-Zero and Sareena fought and defeated the elder god. He was reminded by Raiden that even though Sub-Zero can choose his own destiny, but his death could mean that he would decend into the fifth level of the Netherealm because of his reputation of being a ruthless assassin.

[edit] Mortal Kombat

It would be a few years until Sub-Zero would be given another assignment by the Lin Kuei. His mission is to compete in the 10th Generation Mortal Kombat tournament and assassinate the tournament's originator, Shang Tsung. Though he did fight well in the initial tournament. But during the closing times of the tournament (when Shang Tsung was fighting the shaolin monk Liu Kang) Sub-Zero was met again by Scorpion, and fights the warrior. But Sub-Zero was defeated and then killed. Because of this, his soul decended into the fifth level of the Netherealm, and it will remain there for quite some time.

[edit] Story (As Noob Saibot)

[edit] Mortal Kombat 2

As Sub-Zero's soul decended into the Netherealm he remained there for a few months. During Shao Kahn's attack on Earthrealm, he suddenly came back. Now a member of the Netherealm's "Brotherhood of the Shadows", he was given a task by the brotherhood to closely survey the events which were going on in Outworld. Though it is still unlcear at this point whether he fought during this time period or not.

[edit] Mortal Kombat 3

As Shao Kahn broke the sacred rules of Mortal Kombat and invaded Earthrealm. Noob Saibot knows that he must return to the Netherealm and to his brotherhood. Once again, it is unknown if he competed in the battle for Earthrealm or fought for Shao Kahn's cause.

[edit] Mortal Kombat 4

Noob Saibot was recurited by Quan Chi once again, but this time his mission was to conquer Edenia. Noob was successful in his mission to conquer Edenia, but he would only hold the realm briefly as the forces of light (especially Liu Kang, who defeated Shinnok and his forces) overcame Shinnok and even liberated Edenia from Quan Chi. With that, the Brotherhood of Shadows shattered and Noob Saibot would go into hiding.

[edit] Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Noob Saibot worked alongside the forces of Outworld (during the events of the Deadly Alliance) against the Shokan. He fought the Shokan's leader Goro, Noob would defeat the general and then kill him. Forcing the battle to come to a halt.

[edit] Mortal Kombat: Deception

Noob Saibot would formulate his own army after upon hearing about the defeat of both Shao Kahn and Shinnok. During the initial events of Deception, Noob would team up with Smoke and together fused them selves into one, forming Noob-Smoke. When the 2 fused warriors reached the abandoned fortress of Shao Kahn, this is where he meets his younger brother Sub-Zero, and the female assassin Sareena once again. Noob Smoke fled into the Netherealm with both Sub-Zero and Sareena following them. He then sent his forces after Sub-Zero, who defeated him in Kombat, and was rescued by Sareena. that is when Sub-Zero discovered that Noob is his older brother.

[edit] Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

Some time after his encounter with his younger brother, Noob parted ways with Smoke after leading an attack against his fomer clan the Lin Kuei, but was defeated by Taven who went on to defeat Blaze and given the power of the Elder Gods. Now Sub-Zero is after Noob, in hopes to cleanse his soul of the wrongs he had done during his former life.

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