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First Appearence:Injustice:Gods Among Us


[edit] Story

A mild mannered teenager Victor Stone was born of 2 technological scientists. One day, Victor decided to help both of his parents in their S.T.A.R Labs. While working at the labs, they opened a portal to a parallel world where a vicious creature came through and attacked the Stone family. It killed Victor's mother and severely injured Victor himself. His father used the latest in the labs technology to save his son as he outfitted Victor with cybernetic and computerized implants. Though reluctant to accept his new look and his new life as being a cybernetic being, he learns to accept his new body and taught himself to control his implants and his computerized Neuro Network. Then, there was a terrorist that was about to attack the United Nations, by using his new implants, Stone has prevented this attack. The public would know him as Cyborg for his appearence and high tech weaponry. This caught the ears of Robin and gives him an offer to join his new group: The Teen Titans, Stone agrees.

[edit] Injustice: Gods Among Us

[edit] Real World

Cyborg fights the Injustice League in the Watch Tower, as Batman arrives and defeats Lex Luthor they liberate the Watch Tower. As the rest of the Justice League went to stop The Joker from destroying Metropolis with a Nuclear bomb and were transported to an alternate world, Cyborg along with Superman and The Flash try to find the rest of the Justice League. They eventually use a special device to try to transport themselves to the alternate world. As The Flash powers the machine, it overloads and transports Cyborg to the alternate world. As he was trying to find out where he is, he hears the alternate world's Luthor and Deathstroke conversing on Deathstroke joining Batman's rebellion. Cyborg still having no idea where he is, fights and defeats both Deathstroke and Luthor. The rest of the Justice League finds Cyborg and return to Luthor's briefing room. After finding out Batman's destroyed Kryptonite laser, he said that he can return to his world and fix the laser there, that is until the alternate world's Superman addresses on a TV broadcast that he was going to execute the real world's Batman (believing to be his world's Batman). Cyborg decides to go into the Hall of Justice disguised as his alternate world's doppelganger, the rest of the Justice League appoints Deathstroke to accompany him on his mission, reluctant he brings Deathstroke with him. At the Hall of Justice, he ecnounters the alternate world's Catwoman who can see through his disguise and fights him, but Cyborg defeats her. He then runs into his doppelganger who hacked into his neuro network in hopes to shut him down, but both Cyborgs failed and fight each other with the real world's Cyborg winning. As both Cyborg and Deathstroke enter the Watch Tower, Cyborg tries to hack into the Watch Tower's computer while Deathstroke infiltrates deep into the Watch Tower. After Deathstroke defeats Captain Marvel and The Flash, he overloads the Watch Tower's reactor. Cyborg discovers that he only has a limited amount of time beofre the Watch Tower blows up. He hacks deeper into the Watch Tower's computer to help the rest of Batman's rebellion rescue the real world's Batman from Stryker's Island. He then helps with the battle of Metropolis as the real world's Superman comes and defeats his doppelganger. He then visits Luthor's grave after the Empire crumbles.

[edit] Alternate World

As Superman kills The Joker and forms his One Earth empire. Cyborg of this world joins Superman's empire. Given enhanced cybernetics to help Superman, he has proven his master well. In a Military base, he and Raven capture Deathstroke and torture him. Then, the real world's Green Lantern comes and rescues Deathstroke from Cyborg and Raven, they both lose to Green Lantern. He then meets his doppelganger in the Hall of Justice and hacked into his Neuro Network, he then fights his real world's doppelganger and loses to him. After the One Earth empire crumbles, Cyborg is captured and imprisoned.

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