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Home Realm:Unknown
First Appearence:D.C. Action Comics

Batman appears only in Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe.

When he was just a child, millionaire Bruce Wayne's parents were killed by a sadistic criminal right in front of him. Upset, he swore that what has happened to him will not happen to anybody else. Throughout most of his life, he trained in martial arts, criminal psychology, high tech weaponry, and detective techniques. Bruce has chosen to be a bat because he feels that with "The Bat" he can strike fear and terror into the minds and hearts of those who did evil. So, this is when he will become the ultimate crime fighter, Batman.

Throughout his time as Batman, he has gone up the toughest of criminals. The Joker, Catwoman, The Penquin, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, and Ra's Al-Ghoul. Bruce Wayne also came upon a teenager named Dick Grayson, who specializes in acrobatics, when his parents were also killed, he joins Bruce Wayne to fight crime alongside him, his alter ego's name would be, Robin.

As Bruce Wayne, he owns the technology factory he calls "Wayne Enterprises". Wayne also has a small relationships with only a few women, incuding Vicki Vale, Selena Kyle (Catwoman) and Talia Al-Goul.


[edit] Injustice: Gods Among Us

[edit] Real World

While Metropolis was being attacked by several super villains, Batman heads towards Arkham Asylum to make sure Lex Luthor didn't help The Joker Escape. Then, he realizes that The Joker's prison cell is a trap set by Deathstroke who Batman fights and defeats. Then, he receives a distress call from Nightwing that the Watch Tower is under attack by Luthor. Batman goes to Nightwing's aid and heads to the Watch Tower. There, he meets up with Luthor who sends Bane to fight Batman, but Batman defeats Bane. Luthor then fights with Batman winning and using a special tool to deactivate Luthor's cybernetic suit. Batman then realizes that there is a Nuclear bomb being set by The Joker and Harley Quinn in Metropolis. Just as when The Joker is about to press the detonator, both he, Batman and the rest of the real world Justice League were teleported to an alternate world oppressed by Superman. As Batman defeated The Joker, an army of imperial soldiers attempt to arrest Batman, but Batman escapes, and realizes that what kind of world he's in. As he reached the alternate world Gothm City, he fights the Joker again, but The Joker defeats him. As The Joker was going to intoxicate him with Joker Venom Hawkgirl and Green Lantern come in and capture Batman and imprison him at Stryker's Island. Once the alternate world Superman discovers that he isn't his world's Batman, he addressess the world about his execution, but this is just to lure the alternate world Batman and the real world Justice League into a trap. But the alternate world Batman manages to rescue Batman and they go back to the Batcave. Once the alternate world Superman wages his war on mankind, Batman suggests to the alternate Batman to send over the real world Superman to help in their cause. But the alternate Batman refuses and a fight ensues, Batman wins over his doppelganger and convinces him to send the real world Superman over to the alternate world. After the real world Superman defeats the alternate world Superman, they head back to their own world.

[edit] Alternate World

As Superman mistakenly kills Lois Lane (believing to be Doomsday) and destroys Metropolis along with her. Then, at Arkham Asylum Batman interrogates The Joker, Superman comes in and kills The Joker out of revenge on Lois and Metropolis. But Superman wasn't done, he goes as far as conquering the world. He begins by revealing Batman's true indentity, holding him responsible for the destruction of Metropolis and making Batman an enemy to his newfound power. Unwilling to give up on Justice and the good of mankind, Batman has secretly formed his own small rebel army consisting of Deathstroke, Lex Luthor (who's secretly working for Batman though is also helping Superman's Empire), Green Arrow (Who was killed by Superman) and Catwoman (Later joined Superman's empire). Harley Quinn's Joker Corp. also fight for Batman's rebellion as undercover agents. Batman is also responsible for bringing the real world Justice League over to his world. The purpose for that is that Batman has created a special laser weapon that uses the power of Kryptonite. But he has kept it inside a special lead polymer rock that is activated by a special DNA device. Batman needs the DNA of the real world Justice League members since his own former allies are either dead or joined the alternate world Superman. As Batman retrieves the weapon, the Batcave is attacked by the alternate world's Black Adam and Wonder Woman. After the attack, the weapon was damaged. As the Justice League attempt to repair the weapon, they receive word about the real world Batman about to be executed at Stryker's Island. They make a plan to rescue the real world Batman. They succeed, and head back to the Batcave. As the alternate world Superman wages war on Mankind, the 2 Batmen attempt to fix the teleportation device so the real world Justice League can go back to their world. But the real world Batman insists on using it to bring his Superman to the alternate world to help in Batman's rebel cause. But with Batman believing that he has already lost, refuses to lsten and fights his real world counterpart. As the real world Batman defeats Batman, he brings the real world Superman to defeat the alternate world Superman's empire for good. As the 2 Supermen fight each other with the real world Superman winning. They round up the members of the alternate world Superman's empire to prison with the alternate world Superman being held in a special prison mimicing the energy of a Red Dwarf star, stupefying Superman's powers.

[edit] Quotes (From mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe)

  • "The Flash I know doesn't kill."
  • "Your world is invading mine, effecting everything and everybody in it."
  • "It's worse than I suspected, much worse."
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